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Drugs scattered around a black table, signifying the health risks of drug use.

The Many Harmful Health Risks of Drug Use

Everyone knows the saying “drugs kill,” and while true, they also do a lot of damage on the way there. The health risks of drug use are immense, affecting everything in your body, from your memory to your skin, heart, and teeth. At GateHouse Treatment, we’ve seen every type of addiction and its consequences. While

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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week; alcohol addicted woman looking at whiskey in glass

What Is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week?

Substance abuse and addiction are growing public health concerns with severe consequences for individuals, families, and communities living through a global crisis. To promote awareness and encourage an open dialogue about drug and alcohol use among young people, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) launched National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW). This yearly,

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Fentanyl Poisoning

Fentanyl Poisoning: The Scary Reality of This Dangerous Drug

Do you know what fentanyl poisoning is? Chances are, you have heard of fentanyl, but you may not know what it is or how often its consumption results in traumatic overdoses or even death. Perhaps, you think fentanyl poisoning only affects heavy drug users living in the throes of active addiction. Maybe you, like many,

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Tranq – The New Drug with No Overdose Antidote Stirring Up the Streets

If you thought addiction couldn’t get worse, the new-old drug Xylazine or Tranq poses a new threat. Xylazine, street name “Tranq” or “Tranq dope,” is an animal sedative approved for veterinary purposes that is now being mixed with the powerful synthetic opioid Fentanyl. Even though Philadelphia was the epicenter for Xylazine in the U.S., it’s

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6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Group Therapy In Drug Rehab Treatment

How Effective Is Group Therapy in Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment If you’re like most people thinking about enrolling in drug rehab, you’re probably worried about attending group therapy sessions. While some people do well in social settings, other people tend to be standoffish. One of the reasons why some people in drug treatment tend to

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How Drug Rehab Prevents Cancer: Everything You Need To Know

Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Drug Abuse And Cancer When it comes down to drugs and alcohol, there’s no denying that cancer is one of the deadliest after-effects of drugs and alcohol abuse.  Over the years cancer has claimed more lives than any other disease. Cancer has also been the leading cause

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How Drug Addiction Hurts Relationships And Destroys Families

Relationships Issues Can Be Caused By Addiction When it comes down to relationships and drug addiction, there’s never a happy ending. Your drug addiction can make you lose everyone that you love. From close family members to long-time childhood friends, you can lose everyone in a matter of seconds.  And while your social life problems

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Why 28 Day Drug Rehab Might Not Work

In recent discussions about drug rehabilitation, a controversial issue is whether 28-day drug rehabs work. While some argue that 28-day inpatient drug rehabs can help cure drug addiction, others contend that drug rehab patients need more time to overcome their addiction. Of course, some might object that each person’s drug addiction is unique, and each

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How Do I Know If I Need Drug Rehab?

How Do I Know If Drug Rehab Is For Me? Answer these 5 Questions to see if you need to check into a drug rehabilitation center Considering drug rehab? Not sure if drug rehabilitation is the best treatment for you? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the National Survey on Drug Use

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