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Ed McDonough, CEO of GateHouse Treatment of New Hampshire hosts the Hope Dealer series featuring guests discussing topics of interest to the addiction recovery community.

Hope Dealer Episode 19

This week on the Hope Dealer, Ed McDonough has on GateHouse alumnus and recovery program coordinator, Joe Kennedy on. Ed and Joe talk about the first step in a 12-step recovery program and what it took for them to get to that point of admitting powerlessness and recognizing that their lives were truly unmanageable. Joe

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Hope Dealer Episode 18

On Episode 18 of the Hope Dealer, we have Ed McDonough, GateHouse of New Hampshire’s CEO, Nathan Irvine, GateHouse Founder, and Mike Beyer, a Case Manager at GateHouse. They also did this episode on Facebook live, if you want to watch the video, head over to our Facebook page! On this episode, Ed and the guys

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Hope Dealer Episode 17

On week 17 of the Hope Dealer, Ed McDonough, GateHouse CEO has on special guest Matt Lee. Matt is a GateHouse alumnus and is now the Medical Liaison at GateHouse Treatment of New Hampshire. Matt and Ed discuss the topic of complacency in recovery, which becomes an issue for many people in long-term recovery that

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Hope Dealer Episode 16

Ed McDonough, GateHouse Treatment CEO, our very own Hope Dealer, has on Ashley in this week’s episode. Ashley is a local woman in recovery and shares her story and how Vivitrol helped her finally get and stay sober. Ashley battled her addiction to heroin for years. Despite many times in treatment, two pregnancies and jail time,

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Hope Dealer Episode 15

On this week of the Hope Dealer Ed McDonough, GateHouse CEO has Sean Mattos on the show. Sean is Gatehouse’s Director of Operations and has 6 years of sobriety. Sean wasn’t always an example of recovery; he struggled with relapse and white knuckling his sobriety. As with many in recovery Ed and Sean have both

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Hope Dealer Episode 14

On Episode 14 of the Hope Dealer, Ed McDonough has GateHouse Founder Nathan Irvine on. Nathan and Ed are both in long-term recovery and have been through their fair share of struggles in their journeys to sobriety. On the episode, Nathan, who is a certified interventionalist, talks about boundaries to set with your loved one

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Hope Dealer Week 12

GateHouse Treatment Founder Nathan Irvine is the special guest on week 12 of the Hope Dealer series hosted by GateHouse Treatment CEO, Ed McDonough. Nathan shares his experience strength and hope this week from how he came from a hopeless state of mind to a person in long-term recovery and how the 12 Steps transformed

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Hope Dealer Week 11

On week 11 of Hope Dealer, we want to wish all the moms a very Happy Mother’s Day! Ed McDonough CEO of GateHouse Treatment brings on an exceptional guest to this weeks episode, his very own mother, Alice. Ed brings up the wreckage of his past but through his mothers’ eyes to show the other side of the coin. Being

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Hope Dealer Week 10

At GateHouse Treatment, many of the alumni end up coming back to work because of how much it changed their lives. On week 10 of the Hope Dealer series Ed McDonough, CEO brings on guests Joe Kennedy GateHouse alumni and House Manager and Matt Lee, alumni and now Case Manager for GateHouse Treatment. These two men came into GateHouse Treatment and the sober

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