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Fentanyl Dollar Bills: Are They Real?

At the beginning of June 2022, social media and news headlines warned of “fentanyl dollar bills” causing harm to unsuspecting people who handled them. The word was they could be dangerous because people use folded bills to stash hazardous drugs, including fentanyl. The Controversy Behind the Fentanyl Dollar Bills According to some reports, people are

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Pandemic and Opioid Epidemic Combine for Deadly Results

Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are causing the number of drug overdoses, many opioid-related, to spike all around the country. Overdoses increased nationally by 18 percent in March, 29 percent in April and 42 percent in May, according to data from the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program. Before the pandemic hit, there were signs of at least a partial decline in fatal overdoses.   What Is Behind the Rise in Overdoses During the Pandemic?  Experts point to a perfect

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5 Reasons why Codependency and Addiction Go Hand in Hand

What is Codependency? Codependency is an unhealthy or excessively emotional reliance or psychological dependency on another person that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Also known as “relationship addiction,” or “love addiction,” codependent people typically enter relationships that are one-sided and emotionally damaging because their partner is affected with a pathological

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