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Should You Focus on Yourself in Early Recovery?

I had a conversation with a non-alcoholic friend not that long ago that was asking me about my alcoholism and alcohol treatment near me.  He said something to me along the lines of focusing on myself to get better (you know, the whole selfish program kind of thing). And I told them that this whole thing

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Restarting Life After Heroin Addiction

Making it through heroin treatment is a battle in itself, and GateHouse Treatment applauds you for taking that first step in a positive direction for your life and all those who are in it. We might think that the biggest battle we face is getting through the initial changes in our bodies and minds while

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Tips During Early Recovery

As you near the end of your time in drug recovery programs, you might find yourself wondering: what’s next? GateHouse Treatment congratulates you on the beginning stages of your recovery and wants to help in anyway we can. There are so many ways to help yourself as you start off the new stages of your

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Tips on Socializing While Sober

GateHouse Treatment has many inquiries about our sober recovery from potential participants and one of the most asked questions is, “What is an IOP and how can it help me?” because we love sharing information and success stories. Utilizing our tips for coping with addiction means our participants are able to come and go from

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