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Workplace Adderall Abuse: 5 Ways To Overcome Your Addiction

How To Get The Job Done Without Getting Addicted To Adderall Is your job pushing you towards an Adderall addiction? If so, you’re not alone. America is one of the hardest working countries. Every day the workload is going up. The limit is being pushed. Millions upon millions of people are trying to keep up

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Enable Addiction Vs Help: What’s The Difference?

Have you ever wanted to help your loved one but you weren’t sure how to do it? It’s tough. While no one wants to see their loved one suffer, it kills you to know that you’re encouraging their addiction. And the worst part is, the more they ask for help, the more you’re enabling them.

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How to Tell Your Children You’re Going to Drug Rehab

Deciding to go to rehab is a monumental step towards your recovery. What about your children? Should you tell your children you’re going to drug rehab? Whether they are teenagers, toddlers or adults it’s hard to explain where you’re going. How can you explain drug addiction to a child? When should you explain it? At

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How to Tell Your Boss You’re Leaving for Rehab

Deciding to go to drug rehab is monumental, changing your life for the better isn’t always easy. Before you leave for treatment, there are many obstacles you must face, such as telling your boss you’re leaving for substance abuse treatment. If you’re struggling with this task, we have some tips on how to tell your

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Addiction Stigma: Choice Versus Disease

“Mental illness is the last frontier. The gay thing is part of everyday life now on a show like ‘Modern Family,’ but mental illness is still full of stigma. Maybe it is time for that to change.” – Eric McCormack In doing my research for this blog, I came across an article in the Huffington

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Do I Need Treatment?

  There is indeed no monopoly in ways to get clean or sober. It does appear though, the right addiction treatment centers can provide assistance in assuring the best possible outcome. The main reason for this is that the disease of addiction or alcoholism impacts the sufferer on multiple fronts: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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7 Tips For A Successful Drug Intervention

7 Tips For A Successful Drug Intervention When planning an intervention, we suggest a careful approach should be taken – we’ve prepared seven tips to help assure a successful outcome. 1. Carefully choose who will attend the Drug Intervention A varied and complex set of relationships with friends, family, and work colleagues can create a

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GateHouse Treatment Partnership Provides Scholarship for Drug Treatment

The Danbury and Alexandria Police Departments have teamed up on a new level in their fight against addiction by offering a 30 day scholarship to anyone who is willing to enter GateHouse Treatment Center in Nashua to overcome their issues through drug rehabs in NH with anything from methamphetamines to cocaine, crack, opioids, alcohol or any other addictive substance. “We welcome hearing from anyone, but we’re really just

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What are Nashua Safe Stations?

In dedication of Nashua Safe Stations Appreciation Day, GateHouse Treatment will be giving a shout out on Nashua Safe Stations effort and what it is. Nashua Safe Stations Nashua Safe Stations are a place anyone who is seeking treatment and recovery can go. They are open 24/7 and a trained firefighter will be able to

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Dear Mom, How to Talk to Your Son About Rehab From, An Addict

The mindset of someone who is still using is complicated. There is the want to continue getting high and then there is a little voice underneath all of that chaotic, whirlwind, furious need for substances that is saying things like, “Why am I doing this?”, “I don’t want to hurt my family,” and “I need

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