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How to Tell Your Children You’re Going to Drug Rehab

Deciding to go to rehab is a monumental step towards your recovery. What about your children? Should you tell your children you’re going to drug rehab? Whether they are teenagers, toddlers or adults it’s hard to explain where you’re going. How can you explain drug addiction to a child? When should you explain it? At

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GateHouse Treatment of New Hampshire CEO Ed McDonough Live on Radio

  Nashua, NH- GateHouse Treatment of New Hampshire CEO Ed McDonough, made a live appearance on NH1’s WTPL radio channel, The Pulse, on Friday, January 19th, 2018. McDonough, discusses the ongoing opioid crisis plaguing New Hampshire.  The drug epidemic should be addressed at the highest level. GateHouse Treatment addiction treatment centers of New Hampshire works with

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7 Tips For A Successful Drug Intervention

7 Tips For A Successful Drug Intervention When planning an intervention, we suggest a careful approach should be taken – we’ve prepared seven tips to help assure a successful outcome. 1. Carefully choose who will attend the Drug Intervention A varied and complex set of relationships with friends, family, and work colleagues can create a

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The Physical Allergy of Addiction and Alcoholism

Believe it or not, the physical allergy (one part of what makes up powerlessness and our disease) is one of my favorite topics ever.  I think that’s because of the experience I had when I first learned the true nature of it. My world changed forever. I finally understood what I had been suffering from.

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12 Questions to Ask Your Treatment Center

With everything in the news about the addiction industry and finding a reputable program for drug treatment centers, we felt it necessary to help you and your family in determining a program that is right for you. With the internet, many of your searches will lead you to centers that have unethical practices and are

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