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Meditation Treatment: How Effective Is It

Meditation treatment in drug and alcohol recovery helps recovering addicts in more ways than you can imagine. In some cases, the benefits of meditation are more helpful than prescription drugs like Vivitrol and other meditations.  Even if you’re currently in a drug and alcohol detox program, meditation is a great complementary and alternative medical treatment

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Biofeedback: Training the Brain for Sobriety

  BIOFEEDBACK: TRAINING THE BRAIN FOR SOBRIETY Imagine if you could train your brain in drug and alcohol rehab — strengthening positive habits and minimizing destructive patterns — by playing a video game. It sounds like science fiction, but that is the (vastly simplified) idea behind neurofeedback therapy. During a session, a client’s brainwaves are measured

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FDA Approves Device for Treating Opioid Addiction

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on November 15, 2018 the approval of a device as an option to medication assisted treatment called the Neuro-Stim System Bridge, which is meant to help reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. It is the first medical device of its kind that’s been given the FDA’s approval. The NSS-2

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10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Right Now

Listen to sounds. Several times a day pause and simply listen. Listen as if you had just landed from a foreign planet. See if you can hear all sounds as music being played just for you. Notice trees. Notice their different shapes and heights. Notice their different colors, branches and leaves. (If there are no

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What Is Biofeedback?

Providing our clients with the best PHP in NH is the first and only priority for GateHouse Treatment. We utilize only the most effective, evidence-based modalities to deliver the most effective outcome for every client. Our clinical approach promotes wellness and healing, and our BioSound™ Healing Beds are an ideal and innovative way to offer

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