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Safe Injection Sites: Do They Work

As the debate for safe injection sites starts to heat up, a controversial topic is whether supervised injection facilities are good or bad. While some people would argue that safe injection sites are an advanced preventative care method, others would argue that safe injection sites are a threat to society. In the words of the

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Opioid Drug Overdoses: A Quick FAQ

On average, there are five fatal opioid drug overdoses every hour in America. That’s 115 people a day. Opioid drug overdoses can happen anywhere at any time. If you suspect that someone has overdosed, CALL 911! There is no time to hesitate. A phone call can be the difference between life and death, especially when it comes to

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10% of People Revived with Naloxone Die Within a Year

Research is now saying what we have known for quite some time, that opioid overdose survivors need support after being revived with naloxone. Naloxone alone is not enough, along with knowing how to administer Narcan. The problem isn’t the overdose, it is what is the driving the use. And while Naloxone is great for keeping

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