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Alcoholism And It’s Effects On Single Mothers

How Does Alcoholism Effect Single Mothers When most people think about parents struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s common for people to undermine the struggles of a single mother with alcohol addiction.  But believe it or not, alcohol addiction for single mothers is a constant uphill battle. Even if a single mother doesn’t think that she has

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Women’s Alcohol Addiction Is On The Rise

Increase in Alcohol Addiction Amongst Women Once upon a time, men consumed more alcohol than women. Over the years, women’s alcohol addiction has been on the rise. In fact, women are starting to catch up to men.  According to the WebMD “ female alcohol use disorder in the United States increased by 83.7%”.  Which means,

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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol addiction? Are they ready to turn their life around? If so, it’s time to start thinking about finding a safe alternative to help them overcome the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Despite what most people think, abruptly stopping is a dangerous decision. According to the National

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