Adventure Therapy


At GateHouse Treatment, we realize there are many different modalities of therapy, activities that are beneficial in substance abuse treatment, and countless ways to start your recovery from substance abuse disorders. One of the most significant obstacles in early recovery is “What am I going to do for fun, now that I’m sober?” We have found a way to integrate adventure-based therapy into our treatment plan at GateHouse Treatment that gets clients out in nature and shows those in early recovery the value of getting connected with others, themselves and life.
GateHouse Treatment has partnered with Boost Outdoors to provide clients with legendary tailored adventures in a supportive, and physically active environment. Boost Outdoors seeks to help members develop and maintain the emotional and physical strength they need to stay sober and live a meaningful and peaceful life. Those suffering from substance abuse disorders usually have neglected their hobbies, bodies, and don’t know what activities they enjoy anymore. Offering an outdoor rehab program to integrate with our standard therapy groups gives clients a chance to experience things they typically wouldn’t get to, giving them a chance to find new interests, and to feel personal accomplishments in a safe and supportive environment.


Adventure therapy is a distinct form of psychotherapy; it has a variety of learning and psychological theories contributing to the complexity of adventure therapy. The philosophy with adventure therapy is experimental education. GateHouse Treatment we want the clients to learn about what they’re doing as they’re doing it and how these activities are connected to self-esteem, help-seeking behavior, increased mutual aid, and many more.
Outings with Boost Outdoors and GateHouse Treatment will be held every other Saturday for GateHouse PHP Partial Hospitalization Program and one Saturday per month for GateHouse IOP Intensive Outpatient Program clients. Boost Outdoors and GateHouse Treatment have also put together an annual Alumni event for those who have completed GateHouse Treatment’s Program to come back and stay involved in healthy activities and retain the camaraderie that they’ve established while in the program.
Some of the Activities Offered in the Adventure Program:

  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Rope Courses
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Survival Day
  • Snowshoeing and Downhill Tubing

Trained professionals lead all activities that clients participate in, and all activities are supervised by GateHouse Treatment and Boost Outdoors staff. If a client is not comfortable with an activity they do not have to participate though, it is highly encouraged to participate. At GateHouse Treatment we want to offer every client the chance to fall in love with life again, to relive or experience things for the first time with a renewed outlook, and learn different outlets for self-care. Founder of Boost Outdoors and Lead Guide, Jeremy Bouchard, and business partner Sandi Coyle, bring their personal experience of walking through addiction recovery. The activities that they craft with GateHouse Treatment tie in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of recovery for adventure-based healing as part of the recovery process.

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse and is looking for help, allow us at GateHouse Treatment to help you blaze new trails in your life to long-term recovery. Call (855)-448-3588 today for substance abuse treatment.