What To Do After Relapse

what to do after relapse What To Do After Relapse 1

When recovering from addiction or any other kind of dependency, you might find the hardest battle faced isn’t becoming sober but relapse prevention. Sobriety is not an easy task, and sometimes we make decisions we regret when it comes to substance abuse. Relapse isn’t a “step” in recovery, but it does happen. GateHouse Treatment doesn’t want you to give up after relapse, and we have a few steps to take after relapse for your mental health if you find yourself questioning your commitment to addiction recovery.

Take responsibility

You might find yourself creating excuses for your substance abuse, but this can fuel your inability to commit to long-term recovery. Admitting your mistakes to yourself not only holds you accountable for your actions, but it also shows others you understand your mistakes and intend to stay sober.

Learn from your experiences

Relapse is not one of the 12 steps, but learning from this experience can help you come out stronger on the other side. Consider the situations you were in, what coping mechanisms you attempted to use, and how you can work on your mental health to be stronger the next time triggers are present in your life.

Reach out to your support

Depending on the treatment programs you have been involved in, you might have a sponsor or family members who have been helping you through this journey. Making these calls and having these conversations will be difficult, but having your support systems updated on your current physical and mental health status means they can offer you the assistance or guidance you need for sobriety.

Consider additional addiction treatment

If you have suffered from a severe relapse, you might consider returning to a treatment center. This is an important conversation to have with your support system to weigh the benefits and probability. Still, if you feel you might need additional help, it is worth further investigation.

Luckily, there we have addiction treatments capable of helping you relearn some of the most important tips and tools of recovery to get back on track. With more questions about our relapse recovery services, please contact GateHouse Treatment today at (855) 448-3588.

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