Case Management

Case Management

When making the decision to enter rehab at GateHouse Treatment, many clients hesitate to leave a myriad of life responsibilities and commitments at home. Others worry about financial responsibilities or pending legal matters they may have.

Our staff at GateHouse Treatment recognizes these as valid concerns. We have a case management team specialized in handling client’s individual needs on a case by case basis. Case management services are often overlooked when making assessments of different drug treatment centers, but it truly plays a vital role in the rehabilitation process. We understand that active addiction has caused many consequences in your life, and our help extends to helping clear up the wreckage of your past.

By addressing prior standing legal matters and providing solutions to achieve financial stability, our case management services allow clients to focus solely on their recovery and treatment goals while at GateHouse Treatment.

Our case managers act as advocates for each client’s needs, providing them with the proper resources to find solutions for many of the psycho-social issues our clients face as a result of their ongoing substance abuse.

Case managers not only handle financial and legal matters, but they also work with the clients setting up a discharge plan allowing them to maintain long-term sobriety while actively addressing life.

Each client will have weekly sessions with their assigned case manager. These sessions are designed to follow the progress of your recovery within our program.

The case management team at GateHouse Treatment provides a comprehensive group of services to the clients. Case managers play a vital role in ensuring the client does not have to worry about outside stressors during their time here at GateHouse Treatment. Most addicts coming into treatment lack problem-solving skills; case management allows them to hone those skills, which will be an asset as they continue on with a clean and sober life.

Initial Case Management Session

  • Goal setting: goals the client may want to achieve while in treatment, short-term life goals, and long-term future goals.
  • Legal: Prior pending legal matters including upcoming court dates, court-ordered treatment requirements, and all communication needed between client’s courts and attorneys
  • Financial assistance: applications for SNAP benefits while in treatment, short-term disability, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Treatment history: if the client has never been in treatment before, we will make sure to get accurate records from those stays
  • Orientation: the client will get an orientation folder and a brief overview of the program we offer at GateHouse Treatment

Case Management – Phase 1

  • Employment: Client will begin building a resume and exploring employment options.
  • Financial Management: Case Managers will help the clients go over budgeting skills to learn to be responsible with income and managing expenses.
  • Individualized Discharge Planning: A plan of what the client initially wants to do following treatment will be put together. This can continue to evolve as the client continues treatment.
  • 12-Step Program: Suggestions to help the client get started in the 12-step fellowships will be given to the client.
  • Education: If the client is interested in pursuing a GED, college degree, or vocational training, case managers will provide resources to get the client started.

Case Management – Phase 2

  • Routine checkups: Clients will meet with their case managers routinely throughout their treatment and revisit goals
  • Aftercare plans: Clients will make actual plans with resources given to them by the Case Manager about what they will do to maintain their sobriety after discharge from GateHouse Treatment.
  • Certificate of Completion: Case Managers will provide certificates if the client successfully completes and graduates from the GateHouse Treatment program. This can be beneficial for courts, family, or just the personal satisfaction of achieving a goal.

The Case Management services at Gatehouse provide a comprehensive group of services to the clients. Case Managers play a vital role in ensuring the client doesn’t have to worry about the outside stressors during their time at Gatehouse Treatment. Most addicts coming into treatment lack problem solving skills. Case Management allows them to hone those skills which will be an asset as they continue on with a clean and sober life.