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GateHouse clients can continue their journey to long-term sobriety as a member of our Sober Living Community. The safe-housing program helps clients develop sober coping skills, and build long lasting sobriety.

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Renovated and Comfortable Homes

GateHouse Sober Living Community offers structured, sober living programs for men and women who want to build sober and fulfilling lives. Located in beautiful Nashua, NH, GateHouse now maintains 5 distinctive homes, offering beds to multiple male and female clients: Hunt House, Lake House, Lock House, Pearl House and Temple House. These recently renovated homes offer all the creature comforts, including: updated kitchens with modern appliances, wifi, big-screen TV’s, comfortable and spacious bedrooms with large closets and storage areas, in-house laundry, spacious living areas, and landline phones for resident use. All GateHouse sober living homes are gender-specific, just like our treatment programs. It is crucial that everyone in the community feels at home. Our housing assures that, and offers each client the opportunity to learn how to integrate with others and form healthy friendships.

Sober Homes Structure

GateHouse offers one of the best sober living programs in the recovery industry. We have a safe, structured environment available to men and women who want to build sobriety. We know the chaos you faced in active addiction, and we’re here to show clients that the opposite is possible! We believe that combining accountability with a 12-step foundation in a safe and comfortable environment sets individuals up for success in a long-term sobriety.

The atmosphere of GateHouse homes is healthy and conducive to recovery. Residents take part in daily house meetings. These meetings help to encourage and ensure that everyone is being held accountable and that the home dynamics are healthy and supportive. This gives clients a chance to confront any issues that may arise in a healthy, productive manner.

At GateHouse, offering a safe place for everyone is crucial, both to the success of the client and the recovery program. We don’t allow anyone to endanger a client’s process and safety. Therefore, random drug and alcohol screenings are mandatory. This is done to ensure safety and success. As clients move through the tiered system of our program, policies change, but the safety of individuals is still our #1 priority.

Positive Atmosphere

The only thing we refuse to change is the spirit of camaraderie. The support and feeling of togetherness that clients experience is a mainstay of our treatment philosophy that will never be changed.

Recovery isn’t easy, and we know that. However, our Sober Community provides a safe, positive place where clients can heal and help each other. Everybody at GateHouse has walked a similar path. Having the motivation to persevere and integrate into our sober community has proven to be life-saving for many. This allows clients just coming in to see living proof of how GateHouse principles and philosophies can work for them.

Having a positive, encouraging environment to work on “yourself” is a critical component in maintaining society. Here, you are safe and surrounded by people who truly care about you. Many other facilities boast about having the same atmosphere, but at GateHouse, we live it.



We don’t expect someone who is just entering recovery to have all the means necessary to get around. Many of us have lost our licenses due to DUI’s and other legal issues.

We understand that this is just one obstacle many face, and because of that, GateHouse offers transportation to all of our clients. We’ll transport you to and from therapy groups, fellowship meetings, doctor’s appointments, court dates and anything regarding clinical care.

In addition, we offer trips to grocery shop and transportation to job interviews, although it will be your responsibility to secure transportation once you gain employment. This helps to teach accountability and is another step towards assimilating back into society as you focus on healing and becoming immersed in working on your sobriety.

New Hampshire Safe and Sober Homes

GateHouse Sober Living is located in beautiful Nashua, New Hampshire, the only city ever to be twice named the “Best Place to Live in America” by Money Magazine! Nashua is a thoroughly modern city, without all the big-city negatives, like bad traffic, pollution, overcrowding and the noise. Nashua has a great public transportation system, outstanding shopping, and is home to four college campuses. This makes the Nashua Sober Community one of the best in the country and a great place to reclaim a life that has been consumed by substance use. Nashua also offers a thriving arts community, plenty of employment opportunities and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed along the beautiful Nashua River Trail!

Hunt House
Lake House
Lock House
Pearl House
Temple House
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