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Case Management Services

When making the decision to enter rehab at GateHouse Treatment, many clients hesitate to leave a myriad of life responsibilities and commitments at home. Our staff can help manage these issues and provide clients with the help they need to navigate impending legal and financial obstacles.

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The staff at GateHouse Treatment recognizes these concerns. We have a case management team that specializes in handling clients’ individual needs on a case-by-case basis. These services are often overlooked when making assessments of drug treatment centers, but they play a vital role in the rehabilitation process. We understand that addiction has caused many consequences, and our help extends to helping to clear up the wreckage brought on by a client’s past.

Our case managers act as advocates for the client, providing them with the proper resources to find solutions for many of the psycho-social issues the client faces as a result of their ongoing substance abuse. Case managers not only handle financial and legal matters, they also work with clients to set up a final discharge plan, allowing them to maintain long-term sobriety while actively addressing life.

How the Program Works

Each client will have an initial evaluation with their personal GateHouse case manager. This will entail discussing such things as goal setting, resolving legal issues, applying for financial assistance, evaluating the client’s treatment history and receiving a full case management orientation.

Case Management Phase 1

Phase I

  • Employment — client begins building a resume’ and exploring employment options.
  • Financial Management — case managers help clients learn budgeting skills to become financially responsible.
  • Individualized Discharge Planning — a plan of what client wants to do following treatment is put together.
  • 12-Step Program — suggestions to help client get started in a 12-step fellowship are given.
  • Education — if the client is interested in pursing a GED, college degree or vocational training, case managers will provide resources to get client started.

Phase II

  • Routine Checkups — clients meet with case managers routinely and revisit goals.
  • Aftercare Plans — clients make actual plans about what they will do to maintain their sobriety after discharge from GateHouse Treatment.
  • Certificate of Completion — client receives this by successfully completing and graduating from the GateHouse program. This can be beneficial for the courts, family relationships, and the simple satisfaction of achieving a goal.
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