Outpatient Program


Outpatient Program (OP)

OP at GateHouse Treatment serves as a strong and consistent guide as our clients begin to further integrate into society.

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OP Program Overview

At this point in our program, residents should have steady employment, attend meetings, and be working a 12-step program with a sponsor. Clients will still attend one-on-one sessions with their primary therapist and case manager, and two group sessions each week. GateHouse will continue to support clients as employment managing finances and dealing with family/friends play larger roles in their recovery.
  • We reinforce accountability which helps to maintain long-term recovery.
  • We have evening scheduling allowing clients to maintain employment.
  • We provide case management services, including help with legal/medical issues and managing finances.
  • Clients are scheduled for regular appointments with the medical team to address medication/health care issues.
  • We provide individual therapy, group therapy and relapse prevention education with master’s-level clinicians.

GateHouse’s OP Components


Individual Therapy

Individual sessions give clients the opportunity to have private therapy with a master’s level clinician. Clients are free to discuss all aspects of their PHP addiction treatment, including issues like mental health that they may be uncomfortable sharing in a group setting.

Group Therapy

Clients attend multiple groups each day, sharing stories and learning from the experiences of others. Led by qualified therapists, clients also learn life skills that are essential to their long-term recovery goals after their PHP addiction treatment.

Group Therapy
Family Sessions

Family Sessions

GateHouse supports the client and their family through every step of the recovery process in PHP addiction treatment. Therapists conduct client/family sessions at the facility or via phone/Skype. This cutting-edge and successful program is free of charge to all GateHouse clients and families.

Medication Management

If a client in PHP addiction treatment has been prescribed medication(s), he/she will be educated on the medication(s), and a staff member will oversee all dispensing of the medications.
Medication Management
Customized Treatments

Customized Treatments

The number of groups to attend and frequency during the outpatient program will vary depending on the client’s and therapist’s input as well as the client’s work schedule.

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