Intensive Outpatient Program


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP program is substance abuse/mental health care designed for clients transitioning from Residential or PHP drug treatment back to their community. It is an effective in-between step for those adjusting to sober living or managing addiction comprehensively while maintaining their responsibilities.

IOP Program Overview

In IOP, clients undergo individual, group and family therapy sessions alongside more innovative forms of therapy. The therapy takes place several days a week and several hours a day. The IOP program allows clients to attend to daily obligations, such as work, school, and family duties, while having a support system guiding them toward healthy behaviors.

  • Therapy schedules introduce structure and discipline during recovery.
  • Clients receive peer and individual support to communicate openly or privately.
  • We educate clients on integrating their work schedule and life obligations with recovery.
  • We impart new information, life skills, and advice on healthy coping mechanisms for sober living.
  • We provide holistic wellness, integrating therapy with medication and techniques for mindfulness, destressing, and maintaining control.
  • Our clients receive support after the IOP program finishes on the next steps.
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GateHouse’s IOP Components


Individual Therapy

Some may not be comfortable sharing everything in a group setting. Individual sessions allow clients to have private therapy with a master’s level clinician. Clients are free to discuss all aspects of their IOP addiction treatment, including issues like mental health that some feel are best addressed individually, with care and compassion.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Clients attend multiple groups each day, sharing stories and learning from the experiences of others. This setting offers the perfect opportunity for clients to know they are not alone and get comfortable speaking about recovery. Clients, mentored by qualified therapists, also learn essential life skills for their long-term goals.

Family Sessions

Family Sessions

Recovery can also involve healing the family unit. GateHouse Treatment supports the client and their family through every step of the sobriety process. If a client chooses, therapists conduct family sessions in person, over the phone, or through an internet video service. This cutting-edge and successful program is free of charge to all GateHouse Treatment clients and families.

Medication Management

Medication Management

Clients prescribed medication as part of their treatment regimen will receive instructions on managing their prescriptions. A staff member will oversee dispensing of the medication to curb any abuse.

Biofeedback Bed

Biofeedback Bed

Accessible to clients 1-2 times/week for 30-minute sessions, the Biofeedback bed is a novel form of IOP therapy that allows clients to take control of their bodies. Through guided meditation, clients learn to influence their autonomic responses, regulating breathing, heart rate, and other forms of stress that are barely perceivable but have a huge impact on wellness. Individuals use the sessions to help deal with issues like anxiety, PTSD and regulating emotions, all important pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

Community Housing

Sober Housing

For clients that need a calm environment to recover, we partner with safe housing that provides sober-living conditions, including transportation to and from therapy. These modern lodgings come with all amenities and proximity to nature to relax. At the PHP level, our residential program provides round-the-clock staff supervision.

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