Intensive Outpatient Program


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP is a substance abuse/mental health level of care designed to transition the client from Residential or PHP treatment back into the the community.

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IOP Program Overview

IOP transitions clients from Residential or PHP treatment into the community. In IOP, clients undergo individual, group and family therapy sessions. It is an important phase of recovery and helps clients stay focused as they integrate back into society.
  • We provide opportunities to help communication skills and participate in social interactions.
  • We educate clients on how to manage their recovery and work schedules.
  • Our therapy introduces structure and discipline.
  • Clients receive peer support in group sessions.
  • We continue to advance individual recovery and healthy living.
  • We provide new information, life skills, and guidance on practicing new behaviors from group leaders.

GateHouse’s IOP Components


Individual Therapy

Individual sessions give clients the opportunity to have private therapy with a master’s level clinician. Clients are free to discuss all aspects of their PHP addiction treatment, including issues like mental health that they may be uncomfortable sharing in a group setting.

Group Therapy

Clients attend multiple groups each day, sharing stories and learning from the experiences of others. Led by qualified therapists, clients also learn life skills that are essential to their long-term recovery goals after their PHP addiction treatment.

Group Therapy
Family Sessions

Family Sessions

GateHouse supports the client and their family through every step of the recovery process in PHP addiction treatment. Therapists conduct client/family sessions at the facility or via phone/Skype. This cutting-edge and successful program is free of charge to all GateHouse clients and families.

Medication Management

If a client in PHP addiction treatment has been prescribed medication(s), he/she will be educated on the medication(s), and a staff member will oversee all dispensing of the medications.
Medication Management
Biofeedback Bed

Biofeedback Bed

Accessible to clients 1-2 times/week for 30-minute sessions, the Biofeedback bed is a form of guided meditation and has therapeutic value for clients in PHP addiction treatment. Individuals use the sessions to help deal with issues like anxiety, PTSD and regulating emotions.

Community Housing

Clients have safe housing with structured sober-living conditions, including transportation to and from the center. At the PHP level, our residential program provides round-the-clock staff supervision. Living at GateHouse residences during PHP addiction treatment allows clients to learn self-care and responsibility.
Community Housing

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