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Telehealth Services for
Addiction Recovery

Telehealth Services for Addiction Recovery

GateHouse Treatment strives to provide convenient and comprehensive addiction treatment services to patients. Not everyone can commit to certain programs, such as lengthy rehab stays, especially those with family, work, and personal obligations. We now offer a brand-new Telehealth program to ensure you get the reliable treatment you need without sacrificing your personal life.

Telehealth Services Overview

We offer individual therapy and case management services via Telehealth. These programs allow you to continue going to work while engaging in treatment from the comfort of your home. Following a 5-7 day stay in detox, these online sessions aim to further your treatment journey and provide all the resources you need for a sustained recovery without leaving work for months.

Some key features of our Telehealth Addiction Recovery services include:

  • Group sessions run Monday – Friday, 6 PM to 9 PM EST, for optimal convenience
  • Individual sessions are flexible and according to the client’s availability
  • In-network with all major insurance providers
  • We utilize licensed clinicians to facilitate some, but not all, of our group sessions
Telehealth Services

Is Telehealth the Best Option for Me?

While the benefits of Telehealth services are not for everyone, they are substantial to some. Other than non-treatment obligations, many factors may dictate our Telehealth programs’ effectiveness, such as the severity and length of the substance use disorder, previous history of SUDs, history of relapse, and more. We highly advise speaking with your primary care physician or one of our licensed clinicians before joining a Telehealth program.

GateHouse’s Telehealth Components

Individual Telehealth Services

Individual Therapy

Not all clients are comfortable sharing everything in a group setting. Individual sessions allow clients to have private therapy with a master’s level clinician, all from the comfort of their homes. Clients are free to discuss all aspects of their addiction treatment, including issues like mental health that some feel are best addressed individually, with care and compassion.

Group Therapy

Clients attend virtual group sessions to learn valuable experiences from others. This setting offers a fantastic opportunity for clients to know they are not alone and to get comfortable speaking about recovery. Clients, mentored by licensed clinicians, also learn essential life skills for their long-term goals.

Group Telehealth Services

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