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The GateHouse Leadership Team

Theodore Bender

Theodore Bender, Ph.D., MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Behavioral Healthcare

As CEO of Behavioral Healthcare for GateHouse Treatment, Theodore (Ted) Bender’s distinguished clinical psychology background and remarkable executive leadership track record make him an ideal leader for our addiction treatment centers.

Ted has earned degrees from renowned institutions such as Harvard, Brown University, and Texas A&M to forge a strong foundation in psychology with advanced business acumen. Notably, Ted’s contributions to mental health as a board member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and through his collaboration with the Department of Defense on military suicide prevention demonstrate an unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy.

As CEO of GateHouse, Ted will provide top-tier addiction and behavioral health services by expanding access to care, forging strategic partnerships within the community, and implementing cutting-edge approaches for individuals seeking recovery. His expertise, leadership, and genuine compassion will help transform the lives of those struggling with addiction.

Mitch Pierce

Mitch Pierce

Chief Operating Officer, Behavioral Healthcare

Mitch Pierce is not only CEO of GateHouse Treatment but also a GateHouse alumnus in long-term recovery. He is passionately invested in the work he does for GateHouse Treatment, helping clients find a new way of life through recovery and sobriety.

Before his current position, Mitch worked his way through the GateHouse ranks as a Case Manager, Clinical Support Supervisor, Program Director, and Executive Director. Mitch has extensive training in the areas of ethical boundaries, peer recovery support, suicide prevention and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Mitch is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and holds an MBA in Healthcare Administration from Rivier University in Nashua, NH. He is also a Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW). In his free time, he is active in the local 12-step community and takes great joy in being a horticulture enthusiast.

Joe Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

Director of Operations

As an alumnus of GateHouse in long-term recovery, Joe guides and assists clients through the recovery process and 12 steps. He is a fixture in the recovery community and assists in the process of finding sponsors and home groups. Joe oversees the day-to-day sober living residences and provides a layer of accountability in life skills such as cleanliness, curfew, following rules, job searches and much more.

Joe is a firm believer in the 12 steps and works with each client on their understanding of the principles and concepts of the program. He educates those who have never participated in a fellowship as well as those who have tried in the past and need some guidance in our structured environment.  He monitors recovery progress and provides motivation and suggestions when necessary.

Lewis Hastings

Lewis Hastings

Case Manager

Lewis Hastings, CRSW (Certified Recovery Support Worker), is a Case Manager for GateHouse Treatment, and as such, plays a significant role in the clients’ recovery process. Lewis works with clients on pending legal and financial matters they may have when they come into treatment. He acts as an official liaison between GateHouse Treatment and court systems in different states to help his clients resolve legal matters during the time they are in treatment.

Lewis began his career in the treatment industry as a Behavioral Health Technician, eventually becoming a Case Manager and earning his certificates in recovery coaching and recovery support. Lewis has also written several books on the topic of recovery and life after recovery.

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