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Personal inventory of addiction: a wooden figure holding up a mirror to another wooden figure, signifying self-reflection.

A Personal Inventory of Addiction: 5 Powerful Ways to Recover

After recognizing you have an intractable drug problem, identifying a higher power, and deciding to work for recovery, comes the fourth and most necessary step in the 12 steps recovery program. It holds significant importance as it requires individuals to embark on a personal inventory of addiction. This step encourages self-reflection, morality, honesty, and self-awareness,

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Alcohol and Sleep: Waking Up to the Bleak Reality

Alcohol and Sleep: Waking Up to the Bleak Reality

It is imperative to understand the link between alcohol and sleep to make more health-conscious decisions to ensure your well-being and live a long, fulfilled life. Even though it might be alluring and even normalized to drink casually before bed, it is not healthy to rely on alcohol as a sleep aid or stress reliever.

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Adderall shortage: pills scattered around a table.

The Adderall Shortage Crisis Explained In 3 Facts

On October 12, 2022, the FDA announced an Adderall shortage in the United States. Companies that produced amphetamine mixed salts were experiencing manufacturing delays or not producing enough to meet demand, the FDA said. However, the complete explanation is more complicated. At GateHouse Treatment, we’ve written previously about the rise of Adderall abuse in the

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Ketamine Therapy: a drawing of ketamine's chemical makeup.

Ketamine Therapy: 3 Incredible Scientific Facts

Ketamine Therapy: Until recently, ketamine has been relatively rare, known mostly as a horse tranquilizer. Initially developed in 1962 as a short-acting veterinary anesthetic, it has gained significant attention for its potential as a breakthrough therapy for mental health conditions. This dissociative anesthetic has become standard in various medical settings, including surgery, but its novel

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A Naloxone kit for opioid overdose, referenced in the movie Untreated & Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America.

Untreated & Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America Review

Untreated & Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America is a powerful documentary streaming for free on Pluto TV that addresses the opioid epidemic and the families it affects, from the inception of this human catastrophe to what progress is underway to address it. The film opens with a sobering statistic — someone dies every 11

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Can I Put My Husband In Rehab: People sitting in a circle at a rehab therapy session.

Can I Put My Husband In Rehab? 4 Powerful Options

Dealing with drug addiction is never easy, and it can be especially difficult when your spouse is the one struggling. If a problem becomes too severe, you might wonder, “Can I put my husband in rehab?” Knowing you are not alone is important when married to someone with a substance abuse disorder. Addiction affects millions

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A tree in the shape of a human head with leaves blowing in the wind to signify schizophrenia and drug use.

The Shocking Link Between Schizophrenia and Drug Use

Schizophrenia and drug use: Schizophrenia is a severe chronic mental disorder that alters someone’s mood and behavior. The symptoms that characterize the condition are delusions, disorganized thinking, abnormal motor skills, and, most famously, hallucinations. The causes of schizophrenia aren’t entirely understood, but research suggests it’s a complex interplay between someone’s genetics and environment. Some predictive

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