The GateHouse Mission

Our Mission, Your Recovery

We know here at GateHouse Treatment, recovery is possible. Our comprehensive recovery program allows the struggling addict to find hope for a healthy future, overcome their past experiences, and lay out a foundation here for a promising and fulfilling future. We make it our mission at GateHouse Treatment to give you or a loved one the hope needed to begin their path to recovery.

GateHouse Treatment was originally founded by Nathan Irvine, in Nashua, New Hampshire, soon after he found his own recovery. He wanted to help others who suffered from the same disease of addiction he did. In 2009, GateHouse Treatment was started as a sober home to allow men to live in a safe and structured environment to aide them in early recovery. Today, GateHouse Treatment has grown into a multi-facility drug treatment program designed to lead men and women suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism through their early sobriety and help them reintegrate into society while maintaining long-term recovery.

GateHouse Treatment is a safe and structured facility with addiction specialized professional clinicians ready to help you heal. We approach addiction as the multi-faceted disease it is and provide various treatment options within an individualized treatment plan.

Our treatment method is to approach the mind, body, and soul. We recognize addiction as a disease that mentally, physically, and emotionally changes the individual suffering into a person they or loved ones around can no longer recognize. Begin by asking yourself: how do I find drug treatment programs near me?


All walks of life, all races, all genders, and all ages are affected by this cunning disease that has become a national crisis. Our goal at GateHouse Treatment is to provide help to all those who take the step and reach out.

Reach out to GateHouse Treatment today if you or a loved one is suffering and in need of our drug treatment programs. Contact Gatehouse Treatment drug and alcohol rehab today at (855) 448-3588

You can HEAL. We can HELP.


No one individual is the same. Everyone has their own stories and unique treatment needs. At GateHouse Treatment, we believe in treating the individual. Our customized treatment plans will allow you to feel comfortable and confident that you are getting the specialized help you need.