My name is Matthew, and I am in lifelong recovery. A little over two years ago my life was completely different from where I am at now. I always turned to drugs and alcohol to fix the feelings I had my whole life, and a way to shut my mind off. I wasn’t able to be a son, a boyfriend, or an employee. I came into treatment in the summer of 2016 and knew something had to change. I lost my job in the laborer’s union, and I had a child on the way. That’s when I heard about GateHouse, and it seemed…
My name is Kyle, and this is my story. For the longest time, I spent most of my life feeling alone and not a part of, like I belonged, or that anyone cared about me. I turned to drugs and alcohol to feel better about myself, and that lead to a life full of pain and emptiness. I decided my way of life was too much and I wanted to try to get sober. I decided to move to GateHouse after a month in rehab and knew that it wasn’t enough if I wanted to stay sober. Before I came to the house, I heard…
My Story Of Recovery. My name is Nate and I am an addict. I didn’t always believe that statement, and if I’m being honest it took me walking down a long, difficult road to finally know the truth of that sentence. I’m not sure who’s going to be reading this but if you’re new to the program, or having doubts about making your way into recovery, let me start off by saying that I now have a life that I could only ever see other people living. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that it was all…
My name is Adam Lee, and I am in active recovery. When I think about who I was, who I am today and who I wanted to be growing up I never thought my journey through active addiction and recovery would take me to the places I have gone. I was adopted by two amazing people who today I can call my mother and father without feeling resentment towards them. I had feelings of being abandoned and not “loved” by the people who I wanted to be loved by. I viewed life as a curse and not the gift it has…
My name is Joe K and this is my story. When I left the safe place that I had made my home and the friends I had come to know as family, I must admit I was a bit fearful. I had built this new life from the ground up at GateHouse. How could I ever make it out there in the real world? The answer was actually very simple. Do what I had been taught over the last year. Ask for help and run things by people in my life that I trusted. I was shown that I never have to do anything alone. I had good…

Addiction Treatments

how to treat addiction

How We Treat Addiction

Advances in mental health, neuroscience and imaging technology have allowed the American Medical Association to classify addiction as a chronic, often-relapsing brain disease (substance use disorder) that causes compulsive use of mind or mood-altering substances, despite harmful consequences to the individual and those around them.

The only solution to substance use disorders is total abstinence from all addictive substances. The disease model considers addiction a progressive disease that is irreversible even if one achieves total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Once past traumas, family influences and substance abuse are dealt with in a rehab facility, daily repetitive substance abuse treatment is required to prevent relapsing.

GateHouse Treatment allows clients to build a new life focused on sobriety and recovery with peer-group support and help from behavioral therapy and mental health professionals in the field. In our substance abuse and mental health treatment programs, clients find the inspiration to dive into the recovery process and the hope they need to make sobriety a way of life.

Levels of Care

Addiction treatment can be overwhelming, and many people have no idea what type of care they or a loved one may need. Understanding addiction treatment levels of care is important when reaching out for help .

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