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GateHouse Treatment Testimonial from Nick H.

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“My name is Nick, and I am a recovered drug addict.

I played sports and was raised with strong family traditions, morals and values, given all opportunities to be a successful and respectable man. I got high for the first time when I was 15 after my aunt passed away, and from then on, I had found a solution for life, and never looked back. I never even thought I had a problem, I couldn’t see the apple on my own head. When I came to GateHouse, I hit the lowest point of my life. I was homeless, living in the back of my pick-up truck, just gave up custody of my daughter, not eating for days on end, and almost freezing to death at night in the winter time. I lost my job, my family, my self-respect. I was a shell of a human being when I came through the doors of GateHouse. My friends at GateHouse held me up and loved me when I couldn’t love myself.


Today, after 5-and-half years of sobriety, I have my family and my daughter back in my life. I have my job back, where people can rely on me today. I am a man of my word today, and I can confidently say that today I am the man that I have always wanted to be. One of the most significant gifts that was given to me by the 12 steps, was the ability to help another addict or alcoholic, and I’m grateful that by helping them, I get to stay sober for another day. I will forever be grateful.”

Nick H.

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