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GateHouse Treatment Testimonial from Joe K.

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“My name is Joe K and this is my story.

When I left the safe place that I had made my home and the friends I had come to know as family, I must admit I was a bit fearful. I had built this new life from the ground up at GateHouse. How could I ever make it out there in the real world?

The answer was actually very simple. Do what I had been taught over the last year. Ask for help and run things by people in my life that I trusted. I was shown that I never have to do anything alone. I had good people in my corner who pointed me in the right direction and gave me good advice. I thought that getting an apartment was a longshot, but I applied for one and was approved. I was extremely apprehensive about how to get a U-haul and get all my stuff and bring it to that new place. My friends from the program stepped up without hesitation and we got it done in record time. I was missing so much furniture that I wanted so how could I ever afford it. People stepped up and help me figure that out as well. Typical alcoholic that I am, I always expect that things will go so tragically wrong.


Since leaving the house my life just really keeps getting better. I have all of my family back in my life and they invite me to all sorts of functions today. The guys I met while living there are still a big part of my sobriety and my inner circle. I feel the guys you got sober with form a special bond with each other and I think it is important to keep them close. I went on to sponsor a few guys in the community and made excuses to just get over to the houses. A few months ago, I was given an extraordinary option to quit my job in flooring and go work for GateHouse. It was an easy decision for me, but I still had to run it by everyone in my life and make a pros and cons list just to be sure. Today I am so fortunate to be able to give back what I learned while living there and to be part of something that I am passionate about and truly believe in. Life after the house is amazing provided I take all the same suggestions I followed while living there. For me, it will always be a big part of my sobriety and that’s why I chose to work there and stay connected with all of my fellows.”

Joe K.

GateHouse Alumnus

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