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We think of addiction and certain words come to mind. Certain words like struggle, pain, misery, tears, hopelessness, corruption, death, shame and guilt. We think of stealing, lying, cheating, and dark rooms. We remember our painful smiles, the dull dead look in our eyes and the bruises on our souls, arms, and faces. We remember turmoil, chaos, and fear.

The list of ways our addiction was bad for us could go on and on. But guess what? In the midst of all of those things, some good things happened too. Surprised? Don’t be. You wouldn’t be here reading this without your addiction, and if you are grateful for merely that, you are doing alright. But, let me tell you something, your addiction gave you so much more than all those bad things.

So here it is, 10 ways your addiction recovery at treatment centers made you a better person.

1. You’re Resourceful
When we are in our addiction we don’t take NO for an answer. No money? No drugs? No car? No home? No dealer?

No problem.

We were incredibly resourceful when it came to our drug use. We absolutely would find a way to get high. If we had to walk, crawl, steal, trade, whatever—we made it happen. The idea of not getting high wasn’t an option for us.

Now, apply that to your life today. Is there really anything you can’t do? Seriously. The cant’s and why not’s, when put out of your head like they were in your addiction, never have to stand in your way. You absolutely can and will find a way in everything you do. You’ve been doing it a long time already—why stop now?

2. You’re On Time
We all know the feeling of waiting around. We spent way too much of our lives waiting on drugs. Because of that agony, we do our best to be somewhere when we say we are going to be there. We aren’t smoking crack anymore. WE can be on time or even early.

3. You Appreciate the Smaller Things
Those things that normal people dread, you know the like paying rent, working 9-5, taking care of your credit, going to bed early, waking up early, having a quiet night, a good dinner, etc. You live for those things. Why? Because at one point in your life you were entirely incapable of doing them. You couldn’t function. Being a productive member of society was not for you. So all that small stuff today? Yeah, you live for it.

4. You Realize the Value of Your Time
When you’ve had a possible or near-death experience you look at your time differently. And I mean your life when I say time. It shouldn’t be wasted. You realize the precious gift of waking up in the morning and you spend that time wisely—most of the time anyway.

Which brings me to our next point.

5. You Know There Are No Mistakes
So maybe you don’t spend your time so wisely. Maybe you do something you shouldn’t have done. Regardless, you know there are no mistakes. What could be some of your biggest so-called “mistakes,” in addiction are all now lessons that brought you to this point in your life. It isn’t a mistake if it moves you forward. Mistakes are just guiding tools.

6. You Know the True Meaning of Compassion
How? You’ve met so many people that have shown it to you. And now, all you can think is how you want to be there for someone else. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes comes easy and it is all because of your past. How could anyone relate to anyone if they were perfect? They couldn’t, we couldn’t. A bad past, a hell of a history? It makes you all the more compassionate and relatable.

7. You Know Any Goal Can Be Achieved
If you can make it through your addiction and then get sober, well, you can basically do anything and achieve anything.

8. You’re Tough
Heck yeah! Addiction ain’t easy. Neither is what happens in addiction or after it. That includes the withdrawal, detox, or getting clean in general. But, you made it through and you’re tough. Extremely tough at that.

9. You Have Real Friends
You find out who really belongs in your life when you are going through a tough time. The people who stick around, and love you no matter what (even if it is from afar or through tough love) are the people who are your friends for life. You have had the awesome experience of getting to see people’s true colors and who is going to be with you; probably until the day you die. No more fair-weather friends for you. You have an inner circle like no other.

10. You Try to Laugh as Much as Possible
Why? Because you didn’t for a long time. And when you did it was forced. Laughter is the greatest medicine and god, life is fun; am I right? Life is just so comical all the time. Everything that happens or doesn’t happen. The irony! The jokes, the inside jokes, the stupid little quips, the witty sarcasm. All of it is just so fun, and funny! You never take yourself too seriously. Why? Because you know what is actually serious, and it was you using drugs and alcohol. Now, that isn’t funny. Everything else though, it is all so light and awesome.

Our addiction, once we find attendance at treatment centers, can be one of our biggest motivators and something we use to carry us forward in life. This is especially true when we are working a strong program of recovery. Hope you enjoyed this fun blog. If no one has told you today–you are awesome and you can absolutely achieve anything you set your mind to!

If you or a loved one are looking to join the sober community and join in on the fun things life has to offer us, reach out to us at GateHouse Treatment today! (855)448-3588

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