FMLA and Addiction Treatment Ultimate Employee Guide Part 1

FMLA and Addiction Treatment: Ultimate Employee Guide Part 1

GateHouse Treatment understands that when addiction hits close to home, it can be a complicated and overwhelming experience. However, don’t let the challenge of obtaining treatment or utilizing the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) prevent you from getting the help you need for a better quality of life free from active addiction and substance abuse.

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Cymbalta withdrawal: a woman hugging herself and clutching a blanket in a dark room; her face is barely visible.

Cymbalta Withdrawal: Causes, Symptoms, And Management

Cymbalta, a brand name for duloxetine, is commonly prescribed for various mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain from diabetic nerve damage. Although doctors consider it safe and effective, you may consider coming off the medication when symptoms improve. At this junction, Cymbalta withdrawal may become a problem that significantly impacts quality

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Boredom in recovery

Boredom in Recovery: 5 Tips to Avoid Relapse

Recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs) is an intensive journey, presenting challenges to many on their way toward better health. Sure, the physical and financial hurdles exist, but another, less expected adversary is boredom in recovery. While boredom may not be the first challenge most think of when recovering from substance use, this mental endeavor

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Overconfidence and rehab: An x-ray of a human skull. Inside are pills and a syringe.

Overconfidence and Rehab: Avoiding Relapse

Overconfidence and rehab: The journey of overcoming addiction and achieving lasting recovery is a complex and demanding process that requires unwavering commitment and resilience. While self-confidence and belief in one’s abilities are crucial motivators during rehabilitation, an excess of overconfidence can lead to detrimental consequences. Baked into our culture is the peril of overconfidence. Aesop’s

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Painkiller: A loaded wooden mousetrap with a pill as bait.

Netflix’s Painkiller: OxyContin and the Opioid Epidemic

Although the series is a highly fictionalized true story, every episode of Netflix’s Painkiller begins with a non-actor recounting when they lost their loved one to opioid abuse. At the start of the opioid epidemic, OxyContin’s spark lit the flame that would envelop many communities throughout the United States. Painkiller traces this epidemic’s origins and

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Recovery sponsor: A paved road flanked by grass with the word recovery painted on it.

Recovery Sponsors: Addiction’s Goalkeepers

Recovery from addiction is a journey that often feels like navigating a treacherous path with no clear destination. The road is filled with obstacles, triggers, and moments of doubt, making it one of life’s most challenging endeavors. All great journeys are easier to complete with help, and an unwavering support system for those in recovery

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Peer pressure and addiction: a woman stretches her palms, keeping away two bottles others offer her.

Peer Pressure and Addiction: Building Resilience

Peer pressure and addiction: Peer pressure is an undeniable and potent force in adolescents’ and adults’ lives. It can influence decisions, actions, and behaviors, often in ways that have lasting consequences. One of the most concerning consequences of peer pressure is its link to addiction. Addiction is a complex issue that can manifest in various

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Military Veterans and Substance Use Disorder

Military Veterans and Substance Use Disorder: An Examination

GateHouse Treatment is keenly aware that substance use disorders (SUDs) are a growing concern within the military veteran community, home to over 18 million individuals in the United States (according to the U.S. Census Bureau). The physical, emotional, and psychological stressors that military service entails can often predispose veterans to substance misuse, a problem that

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court-ordered rehab

Court-Ordered Rehab: Drug Court Programs In Nashua, NH

Substance abuse is a pervasive issue that affects individuals and communities across the United States. For some, court-ordered rehab programs may pave the journey to recovery. These programs serve as a lifeline, offering a chance at redemption and healing. They are a second chance to get clean instead of continuing down a carceral path with

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woman contemplates glasses of wine and alcoholism

Alcoholism: 9 Ways It Affects Lives Beyond Drinking

Alcoholism, a chronic and often debilitating condition, extends its shadow far beyond the act of drinking. While long celebrated in many cultures and gatherings for its ability to socially lubricate, the consequences of alcohol abuse present a more complex narrative. For many, a glass of wine or a cold beer might symbolize relaxation or celebration,

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