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How Can Hobbies Help With Drug And Alcohol Recovery

If you’re like most people, you probably have a hobby that you are passionate about. You may have even found a way to make a living off of your hobby. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a hobby, there’s always time to pick one up. Especially, if you’re a person going through a drug and alcohol

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Safe Injection Sites: Do They Work

As the debate for safe injection sites starts to heat up, a controversial topic is whether supervised injection facilities are good or bad. While some people would argue that safe injection sites are an advanced preventative care method, others would argue that safe injection sites are a threat to society. In the words of the

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Meditation Treatment: How Effective Is It

Meditation treatment in drug and alcohol recovery helps recovering addicts in more ways than you can imagine. In some cases, the benefits of meditation are more helpful than prescription drugs like Vivitrol and other meditations.  Even if you’re currently in a drug and alcohol detox program, meditation is a great complementary and alternative medical treatment

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Enable Addiction Vs Help: What’s The Difference?

Have you ever wanted to help your loved one but you weren’t sure how to do it? It’s tough. While no one wants to see their loved one suffer, it kills you to know that you’re encouraging their addiction. And the worst part is, the more they ask for help, the more you’re enabling them.

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Why is it Important to Make a Schedule During Early Recovery

Drug and alcohol recovery treatment has come to rely on daily schedules serving as structures to help patients maintain a structured life. While the concept of approaching early recovery head-on works well enough for some, most people still suffer from the inevitable weaknesses of drug and alcohol addiction. Completely escaping the pitfalls of addiction are

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What Are Relapse Triggers: Internal Vs External Relapse Triggers

Addiction relapse triggers in drug and alcohol abuse recovery are quickly becoming a major concern for inpatient and outpatient treatment addicts. Substance abuse triggers are internal and external cues that cause a person in recovery to crave drugs and often relapse or lapse. On average more than 85% of individuals are susceptible to relapse in the

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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol addiction? Are they ready to turn their life around? If so, it’s time to start thinking about finding a safe alternative to help them overcome the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Despite what most people think, abruptly stopping is a dangerous decision. According to the National

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9 Ways To Stay Sober And Travel Safe

Escape Your Addiction: 9 Ways To Travel Sober And Have Fun Scared of planes? Afraid of having an anxiety attack? Struggling with alcohol addiction? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Believe it or not, more airline travelers are afraid of heights than you could imagine. But, if you never get over your fear of flying, you’re

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Financial Risks of Alcohol Abuse

How Much Money Do You Spend On Alcohol Abuse? When it comes down to alcohol abuse, there’s no denying the monetary effects of substance abuse. Whether you live in Nashua New Hampshire, Boston Massachusetts, or Vermont, every drink comes with a price. If you’re not careful, alcohol dependence can lead to a devastating downward spiral.

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Long Term Drug Rehab VS Short Term Rehab: Which is Better?

When deciding what drug rehab to go to, the benefits of certain programs are weighed against each other. The decision is usually based on how long the drug rehab program is, whether it be a long-term addiction treatment program or a short-term rehab. There are benefits of both, although long-term rehab often provides a higher

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