Are You a High Functioning Alcoholic?

Are You a High Functioning Alcoholic? 1

The term “high functioning” when it comes to alcoholics, is relative. A high functioning sober individual looks very different than a high functioning alcoholic. In comparison to someone who is sober, an alcoholic in any capacity will never truly be considered as high functioning. Have you begun to think: How can I find alcohol rehab MA?

However, compared to the low bottom alcoholic, there are some of us alcoholics whom appear to be high functioning. They keep up this appearance because they still have their job and a nice car. They are put together, their family is still intact, they are friendly, and have yet to damage any relationships with co-workers, friends etc. But remember, “appear” is the key word here.

With that being said, high functioning alcoholics have an easier time denying they have a problem, but the signs are there. Alcoholism, as many have mistakenly believed, has very little do with the ability to function. It is more about what happens when the alcoholic drinks, what happens when they don’t drink, and their ability or lack thereof to quit all together.

So are you a high functioning alcoholic? You’re obviously wondering since you are reading this post. Your drinking must be bad enough to contemplate the idea that you might be. What does it look like when you drink? Not how often you drink, but on the occasions you do drink, what does your drinking look like? Are you still a high functioning individual? Have you ever sworn to quit? How long did that last?

These are all important questions because these are the kind of questions which are going to help you determine, whether you are simply a high functioning person who likes to drink or an alcoholic.

    1. What does it look like when you drink?
      The high functioning alcoholic may not drink all the time but when they do drink it is alcoholically. Often, they will drink more than they intended. Once they start drinking all bets are off. They have trouble stopping. They may drink and drive or drink until they black out. They might have inappropriate sexual encounters and their behavior changes drastically once they start. They are a far way from functioning at all. The thing about the high functioning alcoholic is that they will still manage to get to work tomorrow, they will shake off their hangover and they will make the presentation. Everything in their life will go back to normal, like nothing ever happened.
    2. Have you tried to quit drinking?
      Sometimes a high functioning alcoholic will say they are quitting drinking. They will swear off the booze all together never to touch another drop. Maybe a night of drinking got so bad that they said they weren’t going to drink anymore. But, and this is a big but, for the high functioning alcoholic, once the pain of that bout of drinking is gone, they will find themselves saying , “I was being rash, dramatic, and overreacting. I don’t need to quit drinking all together. I don’t have a problem. It was one night. I am going to have this beer.” While they have justified it to themselves, and their drinking probably won’t be out of control this time, they have still been incapable of quitting. Why did they drink again despite the pain of their last bout if not for being an alcoholic?
    3. What are you like when you’re not drinking?
      This is the key. Alcoholics who aren’t drinking are usually satisfying themselves in other ways. Maybe they are workaholics. Maybe they have affairs. Maybe they are obsessed with working out. Whatever it is, they are usually restless, irritable, and emotionally distraught. They need something to fill their life because the pain of simply being is too much for them. They are always going to be doing something to mask this pain. They may have an eating disorder, OCD, or other mental health issues as well that they are dealing with. Whatever the case is, if you couple this restlessness with the type of drinking we described in the first two sets of question–you are most likely a high functioning alcoholic. But an alcoholic nonetheless.

Are you still thinking: How can I find alcohol rehab MA? Being able to function as an alcoholic only lasts so long. Most alcoholics in any capacity need outside help. That is why GateHouse Treatment is here. If you are ready to break free it is time to see what we have to offer.

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcoholism, contact us at GateHouse Treatment. (855) 448-3588. You can heal, We can help.

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