Benefits of Both Individual and Group Sessions

As one of the top drug rehabs in NH, GateHouse Treatment has been able to already help a number of patients who suffering from addiction. We have a number of professional methods to make this transition to sobriety as easy as possible, which includes individual and group therapy. In our program, we require our patients to participate in three, two-hour group sessions a week on top of our standard individual meetings. Both therapies have huge beneficial impacts, but here are a few of the most important.

Group Sessions: In these therapy sessions, you listen as much as you speak. These meetings act as a safe haven for patient’s to discuss their struggles, emotions, changes, accomplishments, and more. Never feeling alone in your road to recovery is one of the most essential steps in preventing relapse, and group sessions allow for that outlet by forming friendships with other patients and professionals.

  • Instant feedback and support.
  • Learn and create relationships.
  • Coping with emotions, cravings, mental illness, etc.
  • Gives perspective and education on addiction.

Individual Sessions: Customized to your specific needs, individual therapy delves deep into your personal struggle with addiction. Professionals often focus on the immediate or pending transformations happening within the patient’s life. Whether it is their treatment process, their cravings, new experiences, and other subjects alike.

  • Discusses your specific recovery journey.
  • Gives direct interaction with professionals.
  • Learn coping skills and new emotions.
  • Helps create realistic, short term goals.

Though one or both of these forms of therapy might be difficult to face, they are essential in the treatment process and aid in a more positive recovery. If you or someone you love is in need of top drug rehabs in NH, do not hesitate to contact GateHouse Treatment at (855) 448-3588.

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