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If you or your loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, it’s time to have a heart to heart. In recent studies, cocaine abuse has played a devasting role in cardiovascular heart problems. According to the American Heart Association, ” cocaine is the perfect heart attack drug.”  Furthermore, they also state that ” In 2011, it was involved in an estimated 40.5% of illicit drug-related emergency department visits (502,224 visits).”  With this in mind, the side-effects of cocaine addiction can hinder your chances of living a healthy life. At the same time, using cocaine can put you at risk for heart failure, heart attacks, and seizures. Even worst,  cocaine addiction can enhance the chances of mortality.

All in all, there’s no denying that heart problems are a cocaine addiction symptom. Henceforth, without the right cocaine addiction treatment, you or your loved one is at risk. For this reason, we believe everyone with a substance abuse disorder, should take a moment to explore the real cocaine addiction facts. Once they’re done, we recommend you come to explore your cocaine addiction treatment options at Gatehouse Treatment drug rehab.

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How Does Cocaine Cause Heart Issues

Cardiovascular disease is associated with a wide range of heart problems including heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and myocardial infarction. For drug addicts, cocaine increases the chances of heart disease and other heart problems because it is a stimulant. In further detail, cocaine disrupts your cardio system by accelerating your heart rate. At the same time, excessive cocaine abuse can increase your blood pressure.  As a consequence, cocaine can increase your chances of experiencing a heart attack. In the process, high blood pressure can lead to death.

Another heart problem that cocaine can cause is heart failure.  According to the American Heart Association, ” heart failure means that the heart isn’t pumping as well as it should be.”  Cocaine heightens the risk of heart failure by making your internal arteries stiffer and making your heart muscle walls tight. Correspondingly, the heart can not provide your cells with enough blood.  In essence, this leads to fatigue and shortness of breath. Over time, cocaine can make it nearly impossible for you to breathe. At this point, your cardio system will begin to dismal function. Which means, your heart won’t be able to keep up with the workload. In some cases, your heart will even start to expand, developing more muscle mass. In the process, cocaine will make it hard for you to breathe.

Beyond heart failure, cocaine addiction problems can also cause:

  • Collapsed Veins
  • Bacterial Infections of Blood Vessels
  • Bacterial Infections of Heart Valves
  • Respiratory Arrest
  • Greater Thickness of hearts left ventricle wall

Can I Die From Cocaine Related Heart Issues

As the death tolls rise in America, everyone’s attention is shifting towards heart problems related to cocaine. As we all know, cocaine is one of the most used drugs in the United States. With over 1,000,000 people using cocaine in the U.S, people with heart problems should be concerned. According to the American Heart Association, ” A United Nations World Drug Report estimated the prevalence of cocaine use in the United States for 2013 to be 1.6 percent of the population aged 12 and older, and it had remained stable in the previous few years.” In essence, cocaine addiction problems are plaguing millions of people. At the same time, drug addicts are vulnerable to experiencing severe, life-threatening cardiovascular problems.

As mentioned early in 2011,  cocaine was involved in an estimated 40.5% illicit drug-related emergency department visits. With this in mind, imagine how many people don’t make it to the Emergency Room in time. In large cities with long emergency room waits, there’s a chance that someone suffering from cocaine addiction might not survive a heart attack. The point is, cocaine addiction problems can cause severe heart attacks. In the end, such heart attacks can lead to a preventable death.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ” about 630,000 Americans die from heart disease each year- that’s  1 in every death.” The CDC also states that ” In the United  States, someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds.” Considering these odds, cocaine addiction only increases an individuals chance of dying from heart disease.  Not to mention, heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death for people of most racial/ethnic groups in the United States. With this being said, cocaine addiction is typically found in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Which means, these people are more likely to experience a fatal heart attack that is related to cocaine. But make no mistake, this does not eliminate the risk of deadly heart attacks associated with cocaine in more affluent communities.

How To Prevent Death By Heart Attack

At first glance, most people would typically say to stop using cocaine. Nevertheless,  most people do not understand that cocaine addiction is a disease.  Therefore, cocaine addiction requires drug rehab treatment. Even after you detox from cocaine, drug addiction treatment can go on for years. But, the healing process will never start unless you take the first step. With this in mind, Gatehouse Treatment would like to invite you to come to explore our cocaine addiction treatment options. Whether you have experienced a heart attack, or you’re worried about dealing with heart failure, we can help you or your loved one get the treatment that they need. Contact us today at (855) 448-3588.



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