Congress Made Strides in July for Opioid Epidemic

Congress Made Strides in July for Opioid Epidemic 1

In a 94-1 vote in the US Senate and a 400-5 vote in the House of Representatives, Congress made some great progress at the end of July in 2016 when President Obama signed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA). This bill hopes to create some lasting and positive results regarding the opioid epidemic that is happening across the country, that includes treatment centers.

By focusing on their six pillars, prevention, treatment, recovery, law enforcement, criminal justice reform, and overdose reversal, the Attorney General can award grants to states, local governments, nonprofit organizations, or Indian tribes to design, implement, and expand educational opportunities for offenders in jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities.

This bill allows up to $181 million every year in new funding, but the question remains where this funding will come from. Many democrats and the White House have urged for funding plans to be attached to the bill, while many Republicans believe this can be a later discussion when they create spending bills for the federal budget.

With or without the budget, the White House is pushing forth their efforts to allow for more prevention programs and treatment options, such as IOPs in NH to help with those currently suffering from addiction. By aiding in treatment centers and the focus on improved quality of life, Congress and citizens will ideally begin to change the current state of this epidemic that has been an increasing problem for decades.

Luckily, there are existing IOPs in New Hampshire like GateHouse Treatment that is open for those suffering from addiction and their families to answer questions like: what is opioid epidemic. We accept all major insurance companies and are thrilled to help you make the first big step towards a positive change in your life. With more questions about our services, call us today at (855) 448-3588.

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