Are You Enabling the Addict In Your Life?

Are You Enabling the Addict In Your Life? 1

Watching someone you care deeply about struggle with addiction is a complicated mix of emotions and morals. Wanting to help when they are in need can quickly turn into manipulation and enabling, and you might not even realize it! GateHouse Treatment manages drug rehabs in NH that has seen it all, and we want to help you realize that these little actions encourage addictive behavior.

Giving money. Whether they ask for a few dollars to get lunch or you ignore the money that is missing from your wallet, or maybe you even feel guilty when they beg. Drug or alcohol addiction is expensive, and it will quickly be what your loved one spends any money they might have on. Handing over money to them is aiding in their cycle.

Allowing them to live in your home rent-free. These habits are not cheap, and offering a place to live frees any extra money they might have to towards their habits. Allowing them to live with you without conditions teaches irresponsibility and also puts strain on you for money from month to month.

Paying for a variety of amenities. Whether you are paying for their cell phone, helping with their medical bills, helping with their groceries, or any other luxury, it allows your loved one to sink further into bad habits. Not only do cell phones put them in direct contact with dealers but also with others who are negative impacts in their life.

Contributing towards their transportation. Paying for their gas, allowing them to borrow a car, or driving them from place to place gives the mobility to see and visit triggers, both people and places, which can influence their decisions to continue their abuse.

Helping when they get into trouble. There are many consequences for those who are involved with drugs and alcohol, but bailing them out of jail or helping with their legal troubles lets them believe you will assist them and never have to face the penalties of their actions.

If you or someone you love is in need of drug rehabs in NH, GateHouse Treatment could be the answer you have been looking for.

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