Heroin Addiction Concerns NH Voters

Heroin Addiction Concerns NH Voters 1

One of the largest topics deliberated while the 2016 presidential candidates visited New Hampshire during the primary last month, was the heroin epidemic that has plagued this state for some months now. Heroin addiction has become a growing concern as overdoses and death tolls rise across New Hampshire, and has become one of the most frequently asked questions in political discussion. Our candidates have discussed their plans to help combat this issue, and there have been two popular ideas: tightening border control and expanding heroin treatment options such as rehabs in NH.

Treatment options in our state have been low for some years because of the inability to fund these programs. As heroin continues to be a large concern for most voters, it also leaves even less room in treatment and sober community programs. With lacking options, it is no wonder this was the topic of the week for NH and MA residents.

GateHouse Treatment knows how important it is to offer options to NH residents, and we want to help. With our rehabs in NH, we work side by side with patients to cope with detox and create a opioid detox rehabilitation plan with them to ensure they leave our facilities with a healthier lifestyle in mind. Though group and individual counseling, as well as professional medical treatment, we want to help eradicate these problems by offering our expertise and resources.

Aiding our patients through withdrawal relief, relapse prevention, the traditional 12-step program, and sobriety skills means working towards a continued sober lifestyle. Recovering from addiction is a lifelong battle that will have many challenges along the way, and our services exist to make these transitions as easy as possible.

If you or someone you love is suffering from heroin or another form of addiction, contact GateHouse Treatment rehabs in NH today to learn about your options. We are available to you 24/7 at (855) 448-3588!

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