I Have Legal Problems, can I Still go to Treatment?

I Have Legal Problems, can I Still go to Treatment? 1

“The worst crime is faking it.” – Kurt Cobain

It is no secret that many who suffer from alcohol and addiction have broken the law at specific points in their active addiction. Maybe, the only one who hasn’t is the alcoholic that only drinks at home. Substance abuse and breaking the law go hand in hand. Buying drugs is illegal. It is illegal to use drugs, and way more relevant is the getting of drugs often opens the door to a life of crime. Theft, burglary, prostitution, and robbery are prevalent. Not all get caught, but many do. The event of being arrested for a drug-related crime rarely causes an addict to stop using drugs. Many just further into a life of crime or drug use to try to rid themselves of the guilt and shame they feel.

How do I Overcome my Legal Problems?

There comes that one day where we can no longer outrun our addiction; we surrender. The trail of a life of crime and the potentially life-altering consequences is a tough pill to swallow at that point. The path of recovery is one of social reintegration.

Social reintegration means reconnecting in all areas; familial and career are often the two most common places we want to address first. Societal reintegration is the bedrock of a new life. Getting closer to your family, taking care of your children again, finding ethical employment, and taking your life back makes less sense when the dark cloud of legal charges is still looming over you. There is always an impending sense of doom that robs you of the richness of the life you are recreating. A house is only as strong as its foundation, so the saying goes.

How can Treatment Help my Legal Problems?

Going to treatment can be a great alternative to turning yourself in. The courts often understand an addict or alcoholics charges are the symptoms of a more significant problem, regardless of how dangerous the charges may be. Entering into a program to deal with the source of the problem is an action, it shows the court the defendants seriousness. Addressing the real issue as well as having the willingness to do something positive about it.

All good treatment centers have good case managers. A case managers job is to help alleviate the stresses of the client’s life while they focus on getting better. This includes everything from scheduling doctors appointments outside the scope of their medical staff (like optometrists and dental visits), assisting with family affairs that can’t go unaddressed, and of course, legal problems. The case manager can deal with anything from setting up court appointments to working with probation officers. Being represented by someone else often benefits your case. A case manager cannot do what a lawyer can, but they can be beneficial in many ways.

Prioritize Your Legal Problems

There is a concept in the business in the leadership world called “Eat the Frog.” If a person had a daily to-do list that had to “eat a live frog “on it, that likely would be the least attractive part of the to-do list. Most would leave it for last, or not do it at all. The bravest would do it first. We are not talking about actually eating a frog; it merely symbolizes the most laborious task on the list. If one starts their day with the hardest thing, the rest of the day is a piece of cake. Why would that be any different for changing a life? Eat the frog, before it eats you! Be brave, and it most often turns out what we fear in the form of worst-case scenarios never comes to fruition.

Can I go to Treatment?

Acquiring legal problems as a result of drinking and drug abuse are indicators that you may need treatment. Having legal issues does not exclude you. Many people understand your predicament and many who have been through it themselves. At GateHouse, we have a team of case managers who can help you navigate your legal problems. Don’t give up on yourself because of legal problems. Call GateHouse today at (855) 448-3588 to get started on the path to recovery.

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