National Doctors Day: GateHouse Treatment Sends Our Gratitude

National Doctors Day is on March 30th, giving the world a golden opportunity to honor all healthcare professionals for their dedication and contributions to the community. There is no denying the challenging and overwhelming nature of the medical industry, so this national day allows us to recognize these substantial achievements and what they mean to our society.

As an addiction treatment center, GateHouse Treatment holds a very special relationship with physicians and other healthcare providers. The nature of our industry directly calls for their close involvement, and this partnership is one we certainly don’t take for granted. In honor of National Doctors Day, GateHouse sends a lot of praise toward each doctor who makes a difference.

National Doctors Day Facts

In 1933, residents of Winder, Georgia, celebrated National Doctors Day for the first time by sending greeting cards and placing flowers (red carnations) on the graves of deceased doctors. Dr. Charles B. Almond conceived the idea for the day to honor physicians and settled with March 30th, the anniversary of the first successful use of anesthesia for surgery. In 1991, then-President George H.W. Bush finalized the efforts by making it a national day of celebration and gratitude.

The Significance of National Doctors Day for GateHouse Treatment

National Doctors Day means the world to GateHouse Treatment due to the significance of healthcare providers in our services. Reliably treating substance use disorders would not be possible without the help of physicians and their tireless dedication to serving others in times of need.

We take exceptional pride in our close connection with physicians and other professionals who help treat substance use disorders (SUDs). The delicate nature of this industry calls for a strong and well-established partnership between doctors and clinicians, and we wouldn’t be able to face this battle of addiction alone.

What Can GateHouse Do for You?

Open communication with doctors goes a long way in making our addiction treatment and recovery process a viable option for so many. GateHouse Treatment has plenty of resources and other information that can benefit doctors of all kinds, no matter the field of expertise. Helping those with SUDs is an effort that requires all hands on deck, so we’re always ready to reach out to those who can make an impact.

We recently sent an email to our network of doctors to give thanks, but if you missed it, feel free to use GateHouse Treatment as a great source for critical information regarding addiction, substance use, and other health-related topics. Contact us at (855) 448-3588 to learn more about our services or if you’d like to network with other professionals in the industry. We hope you enjoy National Doctors Day – it couldn’t be more deserved.

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