Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living for Success in Recovery

Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living for Success in Recovery 1

Early recovery can be an extremely stressful time. For people lucky enough to go to a residential program with a drug and alcohol rehab, transitioning back into the real world can be a process full of triggers, distractions, and stress that can challenge their newfound sobriety. That’s why opting for a sober living home while completing outpatient therapy can be so vital for long-term recovery.

The mixture of a structured home with sober living and the continued therapy with outpatient treatment allows people to maintain recovery. Sober living homes provide extra accountability for people in early recovery. Although, programs vary, the homes may require that residents attend meetings or undergo drug testing, this guidance helps people stay accountable during the transition. For some people who have lost their homes, jobs or families because of their addiction, sober living homes are a lifeline. People are able to get back on their feet in sober living and are able to focus on one step at a time: finding housing, securing a job and working their recovery program.

One of the biggest obstacles in early sobriety is free time. Having a sober living program that requires meetings and engage in sober activities can help you prioritize what really matters. It also comes highly recommended that individuals attend outpatient treatment at the same time. With the housing taken care of at the sober living home, individuals can focus entirely on their outpatient therapy program. The outpatient therapy is only part day and a few days a week. This allows people to work while also still maintaining accountability and counseling. The outpatient treatment portion also comes with case managers who can help clients look for jobs, build resumes and more.

On average, people in sober living homes and the outpatient program tend to stay around six months or until they are entirely ready to handle the challenges of a sober life. During that time and beyond, they are always supported in every step of their recovery.

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