The Physical Allergy of Addiction and Alcoholism

The Physical Allergy of Addiction and Alcoholism 1

Believe it or not, the physical allergy (one part of what makes up powerlessness and our disease) is one of my favorite topics ever.  I think that’s because of the experience I had when I first learned the true nature of it. My world changed forever. I finally understood what I had been suffering from. And while it was devastating, at the same time, I was sitting in a place, with a solution. A solution that promised that if I did the work at treatment centers  I would find the power to overcome it. With that, lets get going!

The Physical Allergy

The physical allergy is a rough one to come to terms with. The reason being, the physical allergy is what makes us alcoholics and addicts for the rest of our lives. It is the difference in our physical makeup from the normal drinkers or recreational users. It is what science is describing when it talks about the way we process substances, the way our brain reacts to them, and how our genetic makeup is designed.

It is the explanation for a lot of things that we never had an explanation for. This is because the physical allergy explains why you couldn’t stop yourself from using, or having that drink. Why you kept going despite telling yourself you wouldn’t. It is why you ended up at the ATM 18 times that night. It is why you blacked out while drinking instead of just having one or two. It’s what causes the craving for more.

It’s Like an Allergy to Any Substance

Okay, so the physical allergy is quite literally like any other allergy. What is an allergy? An allergy is an abnormal reaction to any substance. A good example of this is an allergy to milk. Lactose intolerant. Someone who is allergic to dairy, has an abnormal reaction to it when they drink it; they get sick.  As alcoholics and addicts, we have an abnormal reaction to drugs and alcohol, and the abnormal reaction is the craving for more. You see, the normal reaction to alcohol and drugs, is to stop after a certain point. The reason being, the normal reaction is an out of control, sick feeling, this causes most people to stop.

The alcoholic and addict though, keep going. Why? Because of the allergy. Because they are having an abnormal reaction that creates in them a craving for more. It creates an IN control feeling. Basically ensuring you end up doing some pretty silly things to get more.

You are drinking and using once the allergy takes effect, to overcome a reaction, a craving for more.

Interesting right? For me this was quite a revelation because I believed for a long time that I was just a bad person who wasn’t strong enough to quit. The idea that my body was sick with this allergy allowed me to finally explain why I had so many long nights that ended up more disastrous than I planned. And with that realization, I had the first piece of a puzzle that would lead me towards sobriety.

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