Restarting Life After Heroin Addiction

Restarting Life After Heroin Addiction 1

Making it through heroin treatment is a battle in itself, and GateHouse Treatment applauds you for taking that first step in a positive direction for your life and all those who are in it. We might think that the biggest battle we face is getting through the initial changes in our bodies and minds while weening off of the drug, but you should know that often “will power” does not encompass all of the work that goes into heroin addiction recovery. We want to offer you the tools you might need while restarting your life without heroin, and we have a few simple suggestions to begin.

Finding individual therapy that works for you. During or after heroin recovery, many professionals suggest seeking out one-on-one therapy. Though heroin is known for its physical addictions and changes, the initial drug use can often be linked to a person’s inability to cope with emotions or circumstances that have happened in their lives. Working with a therapist on our psychological well-being can help identify triggers, understand our past in relation to drug use, and even create a plan to handle with these emotions as they arise in the future.

Joining a support community. Depending on your needs, there are sober living communities and 12-step programs available for recovering addicts at various stages. Joining these groups gives participants an open forum to listen to other’s struggles and triumphs, discuss their own, learn coping skills and techniques used by others, create new relationships with sober friends, and have access to a slew of support systems when you need it most.

Involving your loved ones in your healing. Like other addictions, heroin has destroyed countless relationships, but there is hope for those who are looking to rebuild. Whether your “homework” from therapy or group is to create an open line of communication, or to ask your friends and family to join you in a few sessions to better understand your recovery, involving them in this ongoing process allows others to see progress in your abilities and mindset.

If you’re still searching for the right heroin addiction recovery center, before taking these next steps, contact GateHouse Treatment for any questions. Our extensive programs are available to help you take the first leap into a new life, it just starts with a phone call. Contact us today at (855) 448-3588. We are available to you 24/7!

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