Safe Injection Sites: Do They Work

As the debate for safe injection sites starts to heat up, a controversial topic is whether supervised injection facilities are good or bad. While some people would argue that safe injection sites are an advanced preventative care method, others would argue that safe injection sites are a threat to society. In the words of the Ontario Association of Chiefs Police, “We believe such facilities will encourage, not reduce, the consumption of illicit drugs among users”.


But, this is only one opinion. According to recent studies by Insite, safe injection sites have a 0% mortality rate. Which means, no one has ever died at a safe injection site. With this in mind, we believe that supervised injection facilities can make a huge difference in the United States Opioid Crisis.

Granted some might object, we maintain the belief that supervised injection facilities can help save millions of lives, and reduce opioid overdoses. And we can prove it.

What is a Safe Injection Site?

A safe injection site is a legally sanctioned facility that allows people to consume pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of legally trained staff.

Safe injection sites are also known as supervised injection sites, safer injection facilities, drug consumption facilities, and safe injection sites.

Safe injection sites offer drug abusers with sterile injection supplies and government trained staff to help cure drug overdoses. Supervised injection facilities also offer drug overdose medication such as naloxone and more.

In the words of the National Public Radio, “At least 100 supervised injection sites operate around the world, mainly in Europe, Canada, and Australia. ”With this in mind, safe injection sites are growing more and more prominent in communities around the world. And just as you might imagine, the opioid crisis in the United States has triggered a spike in demand.

Are Safe Injection Sites Effective?

Safe injection sites are not only theoretically helpful, but they are also economically efficient as well. According to Penn Wharton, Public Policy Initiative “The Vancouver Insite facility prevented roughly 35 cases of HIV and three deaths a year, saving the city around $1.6 million a year”. Another study on Insite found “net savings of $14 million and 920 life-years gained over 10-years-just based on the effect of reducing needle sharing. What’s more prominent, “ increased referral to methadone brings the net savings to roughly $18 million.” With this in mind, safe injection sites are extremely effective. It’s clear that safe injection sites:

  • Reduce overdose deaths
  • Decrease infectious disease transmission ( primarily HIV and Hepatitis C )
  • Increase the number of individuals initiating treatment for substance use disorders
  • They don’t increase drug trafficking or crime in the areas where facilities are located
  • Successfully managing frequent on-site overdoses and reducing drug-related overdose death rates
  • Saving cost due to a reduction in disease, overdose deaths, and the need for emergency medical services

Safe Injection Site Pros And Cons

At first glance, offering a safe injection facility in your community might not sound like the best idea. But, whenever you look at all of the benefits that come with having a Safe Injection Facility (SIF) near you, it’s clear that supervised injection sites can make a huge difference. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

Gives addicts a safe place to inject drugsBelieved  to encourage drug use
Increase access to health and social servicesBelieved to increase crime
Prevent Overdose DeathsChallenges federal laws on drug abuse
Decrease Spread of DiseasesBelieved to cause more overdoses

Safe Injection Treatment And Rehabs

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how drug addiction rehabs are affected by Safe Injection Facilities. Believe it or not, supervised injection facilities and drug treatment centers work hand in hand. Here’s what we mean.

The Safe Injection Treatment center staff help prevents overdoses by directing people struggling with substance abuse disorder to drug rehab near them. Once safe injection site staff recommend a drug addict to drug rehab, we can help them start their path to abstinence.

While safe injection treatment centers are beneficial in the short run, drug rehabs offer better long-term treatment.

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