Tips During Early Recovery

Tips During Early Recovery 1

As you near the end of your time in drug recovery programs, you might find yourself wondering: what’s next? GateHouse Treatment congratulates you on the beginning stages of your recovery and wants to help in anyway we can. There are so many ways to help yourself as you start off the new stages of your life, and one of the biggest tips we have is to fill your time with positive, and productive activities that replace the time you would have used to spend with drugs or alcohol.

Find another sober community. You start to create your own personal support system when you’re in an IOP in NH, but if you are moving away from that group, ask for help to find a new one. Having a support system both near and far are important aspects of continued sobriety.

Try something new. Have you ever had an interest in something that you never pursued? We want you to try a new activity, something you can really get behind. Cooking, painting, pottery, gaming, anything! Find something you love and stick with it.

Begin exercising regularly. You might find yourself with anxiety or energy you don’t know how to release. Exercising however you enjoy can help you sleep better at night, improve your focus on other activities, and help your body repair itself.

Go back to school. If you’ve always wanted your degree, high school, college, or otherwise, take the leap! Challenge yourself in a new way, and better yourself. Not only is this great for your confidence, this can step you up for your dream career path.

Join a team or a league. This teaches you something new, can help rebuild damaged portions of your brain from drug or alcohol abuse, can create new friendships, and creates a commitment for you to stick with every week. Not to mention, you get great exercise too.

Drug recovery programs is the first step of an endless journey to sobriety.

GateHouse Treatment is here for you whenever you need help 24/7. If you or a loved one are in need of drug recovery, we’re the service to reach out to.

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