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Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment: 5 Important Points

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment:  GateHouse Treatment recognizes that there are inherent dangers to any conversations of gender these days. From gender roles to gender reveal parties to gender-specific pronouns, even the most casual discussion is likely to have passionate defenders of the pros and cons of separating a topic into points involving just men or just

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

GateHouse Treatment Offers Accelerated Resolution Therapy

GateHouse Treatment uses a variety of group and individual therapy methods to treat addiction, including Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). GateHouse is perhaps the only addiction treatment center in New Hampshire with therapists certified in ART. As its name implies, Accelerated Resolution Therapy can address issues like PTSD in a short timeframe. Individuals interested in a

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How Drug Rehab Prevents Cancer: Everything You Need To Know

Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Drug Abuse And Cancer When it comes down to drugs and alcohol, there’s no denying that cancer is one of the deadliest after-effects of drugs and alcohol abuse.  Over the years cancer has claimed more lives than any other disease. Cancer has also been the leading cause

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Women’s Drug Rehab: Expectations Vs Reality

How Do Women Overcome Their Fears Of Drug Rehab Have you ever thought about enrolling in a women’s drug rehab, but you’re afraid of jeopardizing your family? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of women are scared to get the treatment that they need because of the legal and social fears, and lack of

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5 Reasons Why Out Of State Drug Rehab Is For You

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Out Of State Drug Rehab Out of state drug rehab information The benefits of out of state drug rehab are compelling for drug addicts and alcoholics. Beyond the opportunity to travel, rehab out of state can help you get the drug addiction treatment that you might not be

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Gatehouse Treatment Announces Legit Scripts Certification

Leading New Hampshire drug and alcohol rehab, GateHouse Treatment is proud to announce that they are Legit Scripts Certified. The Legit Scripts Certification confirms that GateHouse Treatment operates safely and legally with the best interest for people in recovery. GateHouse Treatment is one of the few drug and alcohol rehabs to meet the standards of

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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol addiction? Are they ready to turn their life around? If so, it’s time to start thinking about finding a safe alternative to help them overcome the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Despite what most people think, abruptly stopping is a dangerous decision. According to the National

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Meditation Treatment: How Effective Is It

Meditation treatment in drug and alcohol recovery helps recovering addicts in more ways than you can imagine. In some cases, the benefits of meditation are more helpful than prescription drugs like Vivitrol and other meditations.  Even if you’re currently in a drug and alcohol detox program, meditation is a great complementary and alternative medical treatment

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Financial Risks of Alcohol Abuse

How Much Money Do You Spend On Alcohol Abuse? When it comes down to alcohol abuse, there’s no denying the monetary effects of substance abuse. Whether you live in Nashua New Hampshire, Boston Massachusetts, or Vermont, every drink comes with a price. If you’re not careful, alcohol dependence can lead to a devastating downward spiral.

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