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Benefits of Counseling and Recovery for Lasting Success

7 Key Benefits of Counseling and Recovery for Lasting Success

Many individuals striving towards sobriety often ponder, “Why is counseling essential in recovery?” At GateHouse Treatment, our specialists in SUD advocate for a comprehensive approach that tackles both the aspects of substance use and dependency. Our conventional treatment modalities are significantly bolstered when paired with counseling. This holistic strategy not only targets the physical manifestations of the disorder but also delves into the psychological and emotional dimensions.

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Substance use disorder (SUD): A table with alcohol, cigarettes, pills, bottles, baggies, lines of a white powder, and needles.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD): Drug Addiction And Its Dangers

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a complex condition characterized by a compulsive pattern of substance abuse despite harmful consequences. It encompasses various addictive substances, including alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications. SUD is a multifaceted issue with profound physiological, psychological, and social implications. Understanding its origins, contributing factors, and the dangers it poses is crucial

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Alcohol's impact on the kidneys: an image of a kidney's circulation system.

The Severe Consequences of Alcohol On The Kidneys

Alcohol’s impact on the kidneys: Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive disorder characterized by excessive and uncontrollable consumption of alcohol. While the detrimental effects of alcohol on the liver and cardiovascular system are well-known, its impact on the kidneys often goes unnoticed. The kidneys are the body’s waste filtration system. They are vital in maintaining

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Personal inventory of addiction: a wooden figure holding up a mirror to another wooden figure, signifying self-reflection.

A Personal Inventory of Addiction: 5 Powerful Ways to Recover

After recognizing you have an intractable drug problem, identifying a higher power, and deciding to work for recovery, comes the fourth and most necessary step in the 12 steps recovery program. It holds significant importance as it requires individuals to embark on a personal inventory of addiction. This step encourages self-reflection, morality, honesty, and self-awareness,

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3 Powerful Addiction Therapy Trends

3 Powerful Addiction Therapy Trends in 2023

Addiction therapy is a human field, and it constantly evolves like its subjects. Behavior patterns rise and fall as policy regulates them and scientific studies capture the data. The interplay between these things leads to new understandings and novel avenues for sobriety. At GateHouse Treatment, we understand that nothing is absolute. There are always better

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