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Personal inventory of addiction: a wooden figure holding up a mirror to another wooden figure, signifying self-reflection.

A Personal Inventory of Addiction: 5 Powerful Ways to Recover

After recognizing you have an intractable drug problem, identifying a higher power, and deciding to work for recovery, comes the fourth and most necessary step in the 12 steps recovery program. It holds significant importance as it requires individuals to embark on a personal inventory of addiction. This step encourages self-reflection, morality, honesty, and self-awareness,

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Athletes and Addiction: The silhouette of a woman leaping through the air.

Athletes And Addiction: 5 Essential Facts

Athletes and Addiction: GateHouse Treatment has substance use programs for all manner of substances and users. Knowing what drives some people towards dependency is critical when determining the best path forward. For example, athletes are known for their discipline, dedication, and hard work, but the intense pressure to perform at the highest level makes drugs

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Healing the brain after alcoholism. A man holds his temples in need of brain healing

Healing the Brain After Alcoholism: 5 Tips for Recovery

Healing the brain after alcoholism is an endeavor that requires time, patience, and commitment. Anyone who has suffered from alcohol use disorder (AUD) can benefit from understanding the effects that alcohol has on the brain both in the short and long term, as well as the most efficient ways to get the necessary treatment and

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Drugs scattered around a black table, signifying the health risks of drug use.

The Many Harmful Health Risks of Drug Use

Everyone knows the saying “drugs kill,” and while true, they also do a lot of damage on the way there. The health risks of drug use are immense, affecting everything in your body, from your memory to your skin, heart, and teeth. At GateHouse Treatment, we’ve seen every type of addiction and its consequences. While

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Daily Schedule

Higher Power in Recovery: Personalizing the 12-Steps

Establishing a higher power in recovery is crucial to follow a 12-step program for many on their journey to long-term sobriety. Some debate exists on what this means for those feeling excluded from the 12-step community because they don’t identify with spiritual concepts. When considering this issue, it’s essential to recognize the 12-step recovery model

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Teen Addiction

Teen Addiction: Know the Warning Signs

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is an incredible week-long event established to promote the accurate spread of helpful information regarding addiction, alcohol, and drugs. NDAFW happens yearly and fosters inspiring conversations regarding the science of drug use, particularly teen addiction and substance use, through a nonjudgmental lens. During this event, teens, parents, specialists, and

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