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Tranq – The New Drug with No Overdose Antidote Stirring Up the Streets

If you thought addiction couldn’t get worse, the new-old drug Xylazine or Tranq poses a new threat. Xylazine, street name “Tranq” or “Tranq dope,” is an animal sedative approved for veterinary purposes that is now being mixed with the powerful synthetic opioid Fentanyl. Even though Philadelphia was the epicenter for Xylazine in the U.S., it’s

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Does Your Loved One Need a Drug Intervention?

Trying to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction is never easy. Your loved one may not want help or may not think of themselves as worthy of sobriety. How can you determine if your loved one needs a drug intervention? What can you do to prepare yourself, and what should you do

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Do’s and Dont’s of Getting Family to Rehab

Admitting that you need drug intervention help is always tough. Sometimes it’s your loved one that needs to get help at a drug and alcohol rehab like GateHouse Treatment for their substance abuse and is not willing to ask for it. Therefore, we find that many times it is a family or a friend of an

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7 Tips For A Successful Drug Intervention

7 Tips For A Successful Drug Intervention When planning an intervention, we suggest a careful approach should be taken – we’ve prepared seven tips to help assure a successful outcome. 1. Carefully choose who will attend the Drug Intervention A varied and complex set of relationships with friends, family, and work colleagues can create a

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