How To Help An Addict

How To Help An Addict 1

What to Do When Your Loved One is Using Heroin

Though we have had the privilege of seeing many patients walk out of our drug treatment facilities in NH as sober individuals, we have also had to witness the distress of family members who contact us after they realize their loved one is addicted to opioids. We know how difficult this can be for everyone involved, and we have a few key tips on how you can learn how to help an addict.

Enabling doesn’t benefit them

We’ve discussed enabling in the past, and trying to cut them a break or make excuses for their actions can quickly pull you into their lifestyle. Giving money, allowing them to live rent-free, paying for their phone, and letting them borrow your car, are all ways you can be taken advantage of and ultimately help keep their addiction going.

Learn about where you can access Narcan

Heroin is unlike most drugs that can be used, it is one of the hardest habits to quit. Even if recovery is going well, relapse can strike at a moment’s notice and you want to be prepared. Narcan is a life-saving drug that can help revive a person after overdosing and going into respiratory failure.

Know the signs

Knowing when relapse has occurred can quickly allow you to help your loved one seek the medical attention they need, and also help in getting them back on a sober path. We’ve discussed the signs of heroin use before, and recognizing these signs can be the difference between falling back into old habits or getting drug addiction help.

Be prepared for withdrawal

Depending on how and what services your loved one uses, you should always be aware of the physical and mental stages of withdrawal. Heroin’s impact on the body is extremely destructive, and being prepared can help you understand their struggles and also access medical assistance if necessary.

Seek professional help

With so many factors, when it comes to someone’s health as they deal with heroin addiction and detox, it is often best to seek medical help at drug treatment facilities in NH and work with professionals who can give your loved ones the tools they need to succeed. Though you cannot force someone to want to help themselves, you can be their support, and helping them find the right heroin treatment options for them in New Hampshire could be the difference between recovery and continued abuse.

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