IOP Versus PHP

IOP Versus PHP 1

Different programs and stages of addiction treatment can be complex. GateHouse Treatment sympathizes that many are looking at treatment centers for the first time and learning different ways substance abuse can be addressed. One of the most common questions our facility asked is: What is the difference between PHP and IOP in NH?

To begin, partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are both outpatient treatment options. These treatments at GateHouse are administered during the day by various professionals and allow individuals to return to one of our homes with 24/7 monitoring, another local halfway, or their home if it’s a nontoxic environment.

PHP is often a great option for those looking for structure in a long-term recovery setting. This program is ideal for situations where 24-hour care might not be entirely necessary, but participants know they have plenty of work to do on their recovery. Group sessions, individual therapy, and a strict routine schedule while in the facility are common elements of a PHP.

An IOP is what many participants “graduate” to after finishing a PHP. IOPs at a facility like GateHouse include a restriction stage where they will attend group sessions, individual therapy, and daily gym visits. After some time, many will begin to take on more freedom and responsibilities offered and monitored by our professionals, such as job searching, working on steps, or volunteering. With the added activity, group and individual sessions lessen towards the end of their IOP treatment. Individuals and professionals can determine if they should extend their IOP or step down to an outpatient program (OP).

Both programs are an essential part of building the foundation for sustainable sober living. By encompassing mind, body, and spirit in these programs, professionals can assess and gauge the progress of each participant as they continue their recovery journey.

Luckily, working with the professionals at GateHouse Treatment means having access to a variety of experts in substance abuse who will assess your individual needs before creating a treatment plan that works best for you. From medical professionals to licensed therapists, counselors, and recovery specialists, you will be in great hands the moment you enter our doors.

With more questions about intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programs in NH, contact us today by calling (855) 448-3588.

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