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Serving the New Hampshire and Tennessee Areas

Although we receive clients from all over the country, GateHouse Treatment’s flagship location in Nashua, New Hampshire, is perfectly positioned to serve the New England area. And with our Nashville location, we will be able to serve the Southeast, where opioid deaths continue to rise above the national average.

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Why New Hampshire and Tennessee?

While our choices for locations tend to weigh heavily on an area’s need, New Hampshire certainly has attractive qualities and is full of New England charm. With Nashua’s Main Street just a few miles away, shopping, recreational activities, and great restaurants can all be part of sober fun activities on weekends. Meanwhile, the beautiful countryside in New Hampshire allows clients to take a break from otherwise chaotic lives while in active addiction.

Our Tennesse location is near Nashville, one of the South’s fastest-growing cities. Nashville is also a major center for healthcare and educational institutions.

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New Hampshire

Founded in 2009, GateHouse Treatment is one of the leading drug rehabs in New Hampshire, serving the greater New England area. The treatment center is located conveniently minutes from downtown Nashua, NH, and less than 45 minutes from Boston, MA.

New Hampshire’s drug epidemic has reached an all-time high over the past few years. According to the NY Times, “the state leads the nation in overdose deaths per capita from Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that has virtually replaced heroin across New England.” The state is actively battling the growing crisis, and the role GateHouse Treatment plays in the New England rehab community is crucial.

Our Facilities

GateHouse Treatment is an accredited NH drug rehab and has top-of-the-line treatment for substance use disorder. The facility is a fully staffed drug rehab with beautiful community residences.

Nashua NH

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Gatehouse Treatement - Nashua NH Office
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A New GateHouse for


Gatehouse Tennessee

Typically known for its beautiful mountain ranges and rivers, Tennessee and its neighboring states are challenged with opioid-related death rates well above the national average. Establishing a treatment center there, our goal is to join the ongoing fight against the opioid crisis in the state and the Southeast.


A New Destination for Addiction Treatment

Fatal overdoses recently reached a five-year record high in Tennessee, most of them opioid-related. In 2019 there were 5.3 million prescriptions filled for opioids; the state’s population was only 6.7 million. Nationwide, COVID-19 has caused a near-50 percent surge in overdoses. In the face of such overwhelming numbers, GateHouse founders felt this was the time and place to focus our resources.

“We cannot stand by while so many lives are being destroyed by this crisis right here in my backyard,” said GateHouse Chief Science Officer Dr. Samuel MacMaster, long-time Tennessee resident and national expert on substance use disorder. “GateHouse’s proven drug rehab programs have been a force for recovery from addiction for so many people. We felt it was time to expand our reach and continue to fight on the front lines of the battle against drug and alcohol addiction.”

Whether it’s opioids, crystal meth, heroin, cocaine or alcohol, GateHouse Treatment of Tennessee is ready to help anyone seeking a path to sustained recovery, freedom from addiction and a new, sober life.


Tennessee Facilities

GateHouse Treatment is an accredited Tennessee drug rehab and has top-of-the-line treatment for substance use disorder. The facility is a fully staffed drug rehab.