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GateHouse Treatment is one of the leading drug and alcohol rehabs in New Hampshire, serving Nashua, Manchester, Concord, Hudson, and surrounding areas. The drug treatment center is located in beautiful Nashua, New Hampshire, conveniently minutes from downtown Nashua. Our drug rehab in Nashua is an intimate setting with very individualized and focused care.

GateHouse Treatment is an excellent option for men and women seeking long-term recovery from addiction. The drug and alcohol treatment our clients receive here offers structure, therapy, and education in a safe, supportive, and most importantly a sober environment.

GateHouse Treatment has now grown into one of the most successful drug rehabs in NH. Founded  in 2009 as a sober living for men in NH, GateHouse Treatment has grown into a multi-facility treatment center designed to lead men and women through their early sobriety and help them reintegrate into society while maintaining a long-term recovery. As we’ve grown, GateHouse Treatment has included women’s housing, and all treatment services are now offered to women as well.

Why Do We Need Drug Rehabs In New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s drug epidemic reached an all-time high over the past few years. According to the NY Times, “the state leads the nation in overdose deaths per capita from Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that has virtually replaced heroin across New England.” There were an estimated 470 drug overdose deaths in New Hampshire just in 2016, an increase from the 429 the year before. The state is concerned with the state of the crisis, and GateHouse Treatment is leading the efforts in finding a solution.

The scarcity of drug rehabs in New Hampshire is deafening with the opioid crisis exponentially getting worse. This is why the role GateHouse Treatment plays in the New England rehab community is crucial to take steps towards a solution.

GateHouse Treatment is an accredited NH drug rehab and has top of the line treatment for substance abuse disorder. The facility is a fully staffed drug rehab with beautiful community residences. Treatment programs at our NH drug rehab include:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Master’s level Clinical care
  • Safe and supervised housing
  • Day/Night Treatment Program with Community Housing
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Night-time Rehab
  • 12-step immersion program
  • Life Skills & Case Management Services
  • Recreational community activities
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Weekly drug testing
  • Routine and structure-based treatment
  • Adventure outings program

Please contact GateHouse Treatment today for yourself or a loved one seeking long term recovery from addiction. Call us at (855) 448-3588.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in NH

New Hampshire is a beautiful place to find recovery. Located in beautiful Nashua, New Hampshire, less than 45 minutes from Boston, MA, the GateHouse Treatment facility and housing has a lot to boast about.

There is plenty to do in this safe, charming city with a growing downtown. With Main Street just a few miles away, your fun sober activities can include shopping, recreational activities, and great restaurants can all be part of sober fun activities to part-take in over the weekends. The beautiful nature in Nashua and surrounding areas in New Hampshire allows clients to take a break from otherwise chaotic lives while in active addiction.

GateHouse Treatment, one of the leading drug rehabs in NH, serves the greater New England area and is the go-to destination for effective and comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment in the Northeast.

NH Drug Rehab Does Community Outreach

GateHouse Treatment, drug rehab in NH, is based upon the simple idea of community. The men and women who come to treatment with us become a family. They work together to get sober. This sense of community not only amongst themselves but also within the recovery community outside of our facility creates a strong foundation for recovery.

A sense of community and giving back to that community has been found to be one of the most effective treatments for achieving long-term sobriety. This is especially true for men and women searching for long-term recovery. A 2013 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) study found that one of the two strongest indicators of long-term recovery is regular attendance at recovery-based fellowship meetings. “The nature of addiction is so deep-seated, powerful and persistent that addicts seldom stay sober on sheer willpower without the help and support of others,” Dr. Chagoury says. “Sober communities are held together by the idea that their primary purpose to is to help each other stay sober.” Community in its essence creates a sense of purpose, confidence, and integrity in the men and women we treat. It also holds them accountable to something other than themselves. These things are essential to recovery and unfortunately is often a missing component at other facilities. At GateHouse Treatment, we designed our program to be simple and effective. A sense of community and community work is one facet of that.

At GateHouse Treatment, we stand by our motto of making sobriety a way of life. We do this by encouraging the local communities in New Hampshire to #participateinrecovery with us. Whether you are in recovery yourself or not, there is always a way to participate. Giving back to our communities is a great way for drug rehabs in NH to set an example of what recovery is about.

GateHouse Treatment has partnerships with multiple NH drug rehabs and other organizations in the area, with an outreach team designed to look for new relationships we can build in the area and nationwide. These partnerships allow us all to maximize our potential to help those who are still suffering from addiction or alcoholism and ensure that we are consistently providing the best treatment to those who need it most.

For more questions about drug rehabs in NH, contact GateHouse Treatment today at (855) 448-3588

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