The Newest Drug to Combat Opioid Addiction Approved by U.S. Panel

The Newest Drug to Combat Opioid Addiction Approved by U.S. Panel 1

There is a new experimental drug to help fight America’s growing opioid addiction crisis with medication assisted treatment and it has been recommended for approval by a US advisory panel, boosting its sales prospects as competitors threaten revenues from an older product.

It is made by a company called Indivior and the drug is a new injectable suboxone that would be given in higher doses and last around a month.

The advisory committee to the US Food and Drug Administration voted 18-1 that Indivior’s injectable drug, known as RBP-6000, could benefit addicts and the lower of the two doses studied had an acceptable safety profile.

The United States is battling an opioid addiction epidemic that in 2015 killed 33,000 people. President Donald Trump recently declared the problem a national public health emergency. Indivior studied two dosing regimens of this new type of suboxone. In one, 300 milligrams were given once a month for six months. In the other, two doses of 300 milligrams were followed by four doses of 100 milligrams. There was little difference in effectiveness between the two doses and the higher dose caused more side effects in this MAT experiment.

Panelists said they would want to see more data about which patients should be given the higher dose. Although, some said they would like to have it available despite the lack of data.

If approved, the product would be the first monthly injectable buprenorphine treatment. Indivior sells the Suboxone film as well which combines buprenorphine and naloxone and is placed under the tongue or in the cheek.

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