Bigger Than Me – Pilot Episode

GateHouse Treatment presents the first ever episode of the Sober Community Podcast.

What is a “sober community?”

A community, by definition is a “group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.” Addiction is so widespread in our country today, that one in four Americans are affected by addiction and alcoholism in our community. A Sober community by that definition is a group of people with an interest in tackling the widespread addiction crisis our country as a whole is facing.

How does our community define our characters and who we think we are? One such factor is our childhood and the things we are told as a child. No matter the financial or emotional circumstances, what is important is the message we receive from our community. What we are told by our community in our childhood is important in defining ourselves later in life.

Wouldn’t the easy solution be to take affected children or adults out of their negative communities and the problem will no longer exist?

In actuality, you need to not only treat the addict, but the community as well. A large part of the Sober Community channel is to discuss ideas in how we as a sober community can help nonprofits, and other social organizations achieve their goals in treating the entire community to ensure the products of these communities are positive characters.

When a person goes from a “box of disorder to order,” they have certain needs that must be met. Some of these are basic human needs, and other require more extensive care such as therapy or substance abuse treatment.

The hope for this channel is to engage in dialogue, open up a conversation and make it a channel to serve our Sober Community. Visit our Facebook page to leave us comments, and other feedback you may have in regards to our conversation. Be sure to check back every week for a new episode of the Sober Community Podcast.

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