Hope Dealer Week 3

Ed McDonough, CEO of GateHouse Treatment of New Hampshire kicks of week 3 of the Hope Dealer series with special guest Lewis Hastings, an author and a member of the recovery community who has published several books about recovery. Lewis Hastings, a person in long-term recovery has 23 years clean and sober, talks about how he gets into writing. It began with just writing down his thoughts while in early recovery. Beginning very organically, he talks about the gifts recovery had brought him including going back to school and getting his works published into books that people can benefit from.

The first book he published is titled “House on Blue Lawn.” His books are generally a collection of short stories he has heard in recovery and shares this with people who are interested in participating in recovery.

“Someone that comes in, finds recovery and then is able to do more than your wildest dreams. I love hearing those stories” Ed says.

The pair goes on to talk about the fear that is associated with pursuing your dreams, which is the case for people both in recovery and not. For those in recovery, it is changing your entire life and pursuing things beyond your wildest dreams, things that are completely new to you. There is a strength that a program of recovery gives you- which is a combination of a higher power, sober support, and the program that allows you to concentrate on exactly what is in front of you and not having to worry about the outcome.

Lewis Hasting talks about faith and how it has helped him achieve his goals and successes he has had in recovery.

A new book titled, “Taking it to the Filter,” by Lewis Hastings is going to be released in the upcoming future. The title stems from an addict mentality of taking whatever we do to the end – whether it be in active addiction of chasing the drug to the very end but conversely can be done in a positive manner, or doing recovery to the very end.

Visit www.Houseonbluelawn.com for more information on Lewis Hasting’s new stories, and upcoming books.


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