Hope Dealer Week 5

Ed McDonough wears many hats. Hope Dealer, CEO of GateHouse Treatment of New Hampshire, and most importantly, also a person in long-term recovery brings Mitch Pierce, GateHouse Treatment Clinical Support Supervisor as well as GateHouse alumni on to the show on week 5 of the Hope Dealer series.

Mitch, from Jaffrey, New Hampshire talks about his upbringing, his history with drinking and using, as well as how he got help at GateHouse Treatment, how they helped and where he is today.

Both men were in active addiction at one point in their lives and now both members of the recovery community, they talk about the physical and mental turmoil they went through in active addiction. They talk about the insanity it takes to go through life working and how the disease over the person’s life.

People not in recovery can listen to this and hear from someone who was there, they can have a glimpse into the life of how someone in addiction is controlled by this untreated disease of the mine. Mitch also shares his experience, strength, and hope on his journey from a negative to a positive.

Once a series of events lined up that allowed Mitch Pierce to end up at GateHouse Treatment, he was able to get a clear head and become willing and open to getting help and doing whatever he has to, in order to get help. At GateHouse, he was able to find a community of men and that camaraderie showed Mitch that there was a way out of almost any difficult life situation he encountered. With the support and love of the men around him at GateHouse, he was able to find a life beyond his wildest dreams.

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